More TTC Pleasure

Since starting my new night job, I have the pleasure of parking at the subway (for free since it’s after 3:00 p.m.) and taking two subway lines down to where the job training is.

Last night when I hopped on the second subway to come home, there were limited seats. So I went over beside a woman sitting in a side seat and said, “scuze me”.

She totally ignored me, didn’t move at all, and even though it must have been pretty obvious that I was headed OVER her to get to the seat, she still did nothing – and had a bag sitting on the other seat.

As I stood in front of the other seat, I asked, “is this your bag?” and she still ignored me. So I picked up the bag and moved it to a seat in front of me.

All of a sudden she wasn’t ignoring me any longer. She picked up her bag (and shook it, as if she were shaking off my ‘cooties’) and held it in her lap.

She said, “you could have axed me nicely to move the bag”. And I said, “well, I said, excuse me, what more do you want?”. She said, “well you didn’t ax me to move it” and I said, “I didn’t think I had to ax anything, I said excuse me”.

She shook her head, as if I was in the wrong and I just started to read my book.

That’s just the first part. A little later on the woman sprayed me with something. Yes, she sprayed me. And the funny thing is, that I thought something smelled on the subway. Actually, I thought it was her. I thought that maybe she needed a shower. Well perhaps she thought the same thing – that it was me that smelled, so she took out some spray can of something from her purse and sprayed it over at me. Then she went over and stood at the doorway, even though she didn’t get off for another 3 stops.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m not enamored with strangers spraying things at me. I’m also not too thrilled with the idea that I’m supposed to be begging someone (in the proper words that will appeal to them) to move their possessions off a seat they didn’t pay for.

I’m thankful that I only have to take the TTC to this neighbourhood for the training. Starting next week, I’m outta there.

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  1. Hans in Toronto (unregistered) on September 19th, 2005 @ 3:00 pm

    On the TTC an asshole might refuse to move their bag for you. On the highway an asshole might cut you off, causing an accident taking your life. I’ll take my chances with the TTC. I’ve had far more wonderful conversations with complete strangers on the subway than I have had issues with wierdos and assholes.

    Enjoy your bubble.

  2. shy (unregistered) on September 19th, 2005 @ 8:04 pm

    hans – i agree that it’s safer but i think us women tend to get more perverted weirdos then men do while riding the rocket. not that it’s not an oddity for men to receive the same freaks but in my years of commuting on the TTC i’ve had enough creeps showing me their goodies or following me or just being oddly vulgar and whatever way imagined.

    due to that crap, i’m now happier to be taking the car.

    i guess it’s a different pro and con for me then your experience. mine, i think, made me feel very unsafe as a woman.

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