This may or may not be funny, but it may explain why I haven’t heard back from some of the jobs I’ve applied for.

I’m using Outlook for my emails and I’ve got almost all my different emails set up with it on the one account.

I’ve also been using Ella Spam Blocker, the free version.

Well since I just upgraded my Microsoft Suite to the 2003 version, I decided that I would change the categories for my spam blocker.

Instead of having “Inbox”, “Read Later” and “Spam”, I thought it would be more appropriate to call the “spam” box “sh*t”.

What I wasn’t thinking of at the time I renamed the folder was how the free version of Ella puts a little message in all your outgoing emails that says:

== ella for Spam Control == has removed 434 Spam messages and set aside 46 Read Later for me
You can use it too – and it’s FREE! ==

Well, when your folder is named “sh*t” – it changes the message to “has removed 434 “sh*t” messages”.

So, do you think those people who got my resume emailed to them, will be calling me up soon? I’d think they might be very interested in someone with a different approach to applying for jobs.

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