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Gas anyone?

$1.20 today. I shudder to think what Quebecer’s are filling up at.

Three more

Well as the remnants from Katrina brings rain to the city, it also brings other bad news. Aside from the devastation down south, and the gas prices going up a quarter overnight, there have been three more shootings last night in the GTA ladies and gents. One at Jane and Sheppard. A man in his 20s was shot in the chest and died on the spot. Another man shot in the neck at Dufferin and Dupont but survived, and another two shot in my neck at the woods in Mississauga at Hwy 10 and Burnhamthorpe.

You know what the funniest thing is, if I may be so bold in using the word “funny” in this context, is that this whole year, only one arrest has been made after over 50 shootings in the city. And that too it was Caribana weekend and the suspect was caught at Yonge and Dundas. I can’t believe people are so afraid to speak up if they witness such scenes.

The shooting a couple of weeks ago of the man who was a strong supporter of “stop the violence” campaigns was shot down in sight of close to 30 people! not a single person has come forward. this is shameful.

TO new logo

TO2.jpgAfter reading Shy’s post, I felt compelled to come up with my own Toronto logo.

After 15 minutes of hard, hard, hard work, this is what I came up with. I know it’s not worth $4M dollars, but surely if I’d had 15 more minutes to spare I could have created a $2M version.

I’d be happy to spend even an hour longer to come up with something that would have been perfect.

Should I be applying for a job with the city?

BTW, feel free to send us your own creations, based upon the new logo found at We can feature them here.

Toronto Unlimited – A New Logo?

It’s the new campaign to give our city a new image. An image that encompasses endless possibilities.

The main reason, is to pump up tourism. Which… makes sense. I have no problems with the campaign itself. The ideas sounds great and I believe we really do have a lot to offer. In essense, we do need some moral boost.

But… the amount of money spent for the entire campaign…

“A total of $4 million was invested in the project to cover consumer research, brand development and the launch of marketing efforts. The initial investment of $2 million from Tourism Toronto’s Destination Marketing Fee was combined with contributions of $1 million from the Province of Ontario, $500,000 from the Federal Government and $500,000 from the Toronto City Summit Alliance’s corporate partners.” (Read more from the municipal, government site).

$4 million dollars? And THAT’S the logo they came up with? That’s it?

Click to view the logo.

Katrina is pretty bad ass

Katrina has been hammering away at the southern coast of the US for a few days now. The damage it will cause is going to devastating but can be repaired. Lives cannot be replaced. Please take care out there New Orleans.

Images courtesy the BBC.

New Orleans Hurricane

Thinking and praying for our Metroblogging friends from New Orleans… The hurricane has caused massive flooding. The water isn’t just water, either. To make it worse, it’s polluted and toxic.

More story on CNN.

Harrassment by Best Price Movers’ telemarketing

I continue to get frequent voicemails from a company called Best Price Movers. Although I’m not moving, I get calls all the time.

On April 19th, I called for the second time to ask them to remove me from their calling list, and was told that my number would be removed. Well here it is at the end of August and I had another call from them today!

The worst part about it is the stupid fake accents these people are using when leaving a message. I’ve put a link below so you can hear what they sound like. And, the guy doing this stupid fake accent, doesn’t sound half as bad as another accent they do when they call saying that “it’s Boris”.

Listen to the voicemail spam here.

I’ve even called them after April 19th, asking to be removed AGAIN. On one occasion, the guy I talked to told me that I should have been given some confirmation number that I’d have to tell him in order to be removed.

Funny thing, no one at any other time told me about this alleged confirmation number and nobody told me either that in order to stop being harrassed, that I would be required to do something. Now it’s my job to do something if I don’t want phone calls.

Most of the time you call any of the numbers they list in their message, you get patched through to more messages, with some idiotic enthusiast recording the other message.

Then if you press the button to be put through to the “foreman”‘s cell phone, you just get another message from the same enthusiastic guy who recorded the last message. If you press another button, you get a voicemail message in French, telling you to do something. I don’t speak French so I have no idea what the message says.

Regardless, there is no resolve of any issues with this company, and you never get to speak to anyone.

I don’t understand how these people think that they’re actually promoting business by doing this to people. If I happened to be moving in the near future, you can damned well bet that I would NOT USE Best Price Movers.

UPDATE: After reading the post at this site, I understand why my phone never rings when these idiots call.

August Clouds


What is it?

A chance to catch the ecclectic eccentric CRISPIN GLOVER. One night only at the Bloor Cinema. “What is it?” screening, slideshow and question and andswer period. For those who are unfamiliar you might remember Crispin from “Back to the Future” and other films…

7:30pm @ the Bloor… should be interesting. I heard that he’s been working on this project for the last 10 years!

What are Blog Friends Called?

Ok, boys and girls, we want feedback.

A blend of mine is discussing on his blog, what you call your blog friends.

While most people call them ‘online friends’, he’s suggested that a new name might be appropriate for your blog friends.

I’ve decided that I’m going to call them “blends”. Some suggestions arising from his site include “equaintances”.

What would you find an appropriate new name for your blog friends?

If we like your answer, you’ll win a new car! Ok, I was lying about that part. But you will be able to keep your old car.

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