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Google Logo Maker

googlemetblogs.pngHas everybody seen this already?

It’s the Google logo maker. Go ahead and logogle your own site.

Toronto Buttons

Cilck on the image for further detail. The buttons available from

Best Comedian

Russell Peters. The one man comedy show is a hilarious laugh a minute. Being of South Asian roots while watching him perform makes it all the more funny. He talks about race and gender and other international issues that are controversial yet subtle in a way not many people can.

Best of Coffee

Nothing says “Good morning Toronto!” like a good ol’ large double double Tim’s! OK, so it’s a pretty plain Jane version of the fancy-schmancy Starbucks offerings, but a Canadian icon and certainly a Toronto landmark nonetheless.

When we lived in the US, my husband and I would beeline to the nearest Tim Hortons (us locals endearingly refer to it simply as Tim’s) the second we crossed the border during our numerous trips home to visit family.

And now with Wendy’s International recent announcement of Tim’s going IPO, there just might be some good cash involved here. Ain’t coffee sweet!

Union Station Sunset

Union Station Sunset

Originally uploaded by swoononeone.

A harsh week is nearly over. Glad to return to the world of internet. Hopefully the Lightning will spare my phone lines. (It struck “twice” this year and killed my connection). One more day of OT then it’s chillville.

Happy trails and a safe weekend to all.

Just wanted to shed some light back on the city. Shot this photo after work the other day. Negativity is always there if you look for it. Best to look to the light.

Heed the needs of strangers…and we all will become friends…

As spiritual or corny as it sounds it really rings true. COMMUNITY. Build it or loose it my friends.

Be civil Toronto. Poor or not we are all in this thing…

Just when you thought it was safe to go outside.

While the rest of the world is busy dealing with international terrorism, we can’t even control our own local problems in this city. 7 shootings in 13 hours. Excuse me?!?! Can someone tell me what is wrong with that statement?

Hello? This is Toronto we’re talking about. What the heck is going on. The Globe&Mail covers the story here.

Let’s not forget the fellow the cops had to snipe down outside Union Station last year who started taking hostages.

Seems like this has become a weekly occurrence because every Monday I start my work week with fresh news of a new homicide.

Best of Wings

doubledouble.jpgIn keeping with Halai’s “best of”, this place has got the best chicken wings that we’ve had in the city.

We’ve tried lots of other spots – even those best known for their chicken wings, but this place is great, even though it’s mainly a pizza place.

I don’t know if all locations are as good as this one, but if you’re ever around Sheppard and Wilson Heights, go get some.

Best Tourist Trap

This one was a tough one but I’m going to go with the CN Tower.

Yes, I know it is an icon of Toronto. Especially the city line and I would never say that it doesn’t look beautiful as it is a true, visual symbol of what I call ‘Home!’

But to enter it and take part in it’s tour, rides and restaurant is a whole ‘nother level of being overly priced and a true rip-off.

I can’t remember the last time I visited the CN Tower but I hear that the prices are now ridiculous.

When an out of town guest comes to visit, I always wait for them to ask to be taken to the CN Tower. It’s not something I would volunteer unless they express true interest.

The CN Tower… truly a cool view from the outside. But from the inside… an utterly horrific tourist trap.

Shy’s Good, Bad and Ugly #7

The Good…

No one was seriously hurt.

The Bad…

But the cars were both rendered useless. At least until major repairs are to be made.

Yes… upon driving to the gas station this morning (seconds away from getting there in fact), I got hit on my passenger side. The other driver was completely at fault so while my insurance premiums are left untouched, I’m waiting for an appraisal of the damages to my car.

The Ugly…

If that weren’t enough, on my way to the doctor’s later that afternoon, I made a left-hand turn from a 2-lane left-turn intersection. I was in the inner lane.

SHE… came from the outer lane and went right into my lane when she made the left turn, completely cutting me off. I breaked in time. I also honked but that didn’t seem to do any good.

When we reached the next red lights, I happened to be beside her. I honked and motioned her to roll down her window at which point I told her what she did.

Do you know what she said to me???

“NO! I was in my lane… I didn’t cut you off! I stayed in the lane I was suppose to be in!”

My response, “You’re wrong… you were in the outer lane of the 2-left turning lanes. I was in the inner one and you came right over to my side.”

She then realized I was right (or pretended to just to get rid of me) and waved an apology and drove off.

I couldn’t believe she had so little clue of what she was doing.

But my point like many points before… this is so typical Scarborough. This is the way people drive here every single day.

With their head shoved fairly high up their ass!

Are My Eyes Deceiving Me?

Last Thursday morning, my daughter and I road-tripped to New Jersey to attend the anniversary celebration of our good friends. I was driving down the New York State Thruway at a comfortable pace when suddenly I saw a TTC bus trekking along the highway.

The TTC starting a new bus route through New York state would be a novel concept, but that was weird!

So while we’re on the topic of highways, I have a new appreciation for the 401, as insane as it can get to drive on it these days. Some urban planner was certainly under the influence when they were planning some of the freeways and toll plaza’s in the Garden State. It’s a huge traffic mess when cars are criss-crossing each other to get to their respective exits just after the toll plaza. I highly recommend new signage be posted *before* you reach the toll plaza. They’re a little useless posted *after* the tolls, when its almost impossible to swing to your far left to catch an exit.

Makes the 401 look like a piece of cake, I tell ya!

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