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Fade to Black

So there are warnings of brownouts and blackouts all over the province. Our neighbor to the north, the city of Vaughn has been affected by lightning strikes and are now at risk of 30 minute rolling blackouts. The extreme heat is coming down hard on everyone and there are complaints from most major cities across the planet.

The problem here isn’t the fact that we are losing power, but the fact that we are having to cut down on it, and forcibly too at that. If we sacrifice our services that we purchase, shouldn’t our service fees and the powers-that-be have their profits sacrificed as well.

I’m not really sure why I should have to save on my power utilitization only to end up paying the same bills that I pay.

If there are blackouts, they could last as long as 30 minutes in each area and re-occur as long as necessary.

Please Leave A Message…

It’s happening just way too much…

Every day and night, we get a couple of calls. Always some one trying to do a survey or sell something. It’s getting ridiculous.

All I want is to just chill out. The weather has been brutally hot and humid and when I get home, I really want to be left alone with my family.

Honestly… I hate hanging up on people. I do. Even though I know I’ll never meet them. It’s just impolite. Yet I find myself tempted to hang up on such soliciting calls.

I think this is what it means to ‘grow up.’ You get married and have kids, own a mortgage, pay some bills… and fight off those telemarketers.

Free Flicks

Harbourfront Centre – Free Flicks

In a nutshell:

June 29th – Babe
July 6 – The Princess Bride
July 13 – The Wizard of Oz
July 20 – Big Fish
July 27 – Jaws
July 30 – Bend it Like Beckham
August 3 – Bride & Prejudice
August 10 – The Bourne Identity

Also similar to last year, the usual Pay What You Can plays at High Park performed by CanStage. This year it



There’s a little gem of a Butterfly Conservatory at the Humber Nurseries. The Kindergarten class was most fascinated by the live, free flying butterflies in the enclosed area. At least until a few tried to land on some unsuspecting kids – oh the screams!

Ben Kerr, RIP


Anybody in the past two decades who has passed by the Yonge and Bloor intersection knew Benn Kerr. He was a Toronto legend and a Toronto icon. He stood singing his old country tunes day in and day out come rain or shine. Every civic election since 1985 he ran for mayor, and usually grabbed a respectible chunk of the popular vote. He died at his home on Friday.

Kerr, in his 70s, had been retaining water in his limbs and moved to the basement of his home because he couldn’t climb stairs. He refused to go the hospital.

More at Canoe.

Rest in Peace Benn Kerr.

pizzazz? um, sure!

Apparently it’s been suggested that Toronto transit needs more “pizzazz”: um, yeah. Sure, we need themed buses and streetcars, comedians and bingo to make the trip more “zany.” How about finding people who have good ideas on how to make transit run better? In the past couple of years I have ridden on transit in Vancouver and in Germany, and they have: zone fares, ie you pay for the distance you travel, and little pixelboard signs at the bus stop indicating what EXACT time the next bus is expected.

I know, they tried zone fares in the 60s and people hated it. Well, it’s 40 years later, and there are more modern ways to keep track of paid fares these days.

More about it here:

Ear to the Ground presents…

Ear To The Ground presents…

Eyes To The Ground… a night of shoegazer pop, performance and art

Saturday, June 25, 2005
Doors at 9:00 PM
Gibsone Jessop Gallery – located in the Distillery
District, 55 Mill Street

Featuring live performances by:
…As The Poets Affirm
The Ghost Is Dancing
In Support of Living

Tickets will be $7 at the door. All proceeds from this event go to help launch the new Ear To The Ground festival.

Ear To The Ground is a brand new multi-disciplinary arts festival to be held September 16-18, 2005 at Exhibition Place in Toronto. The goal is to create the first ever showcase of independent and emerging artists, all on one site and with one pass.The 3-day festival will feature music, film and video, theatre, dance, visual arts, writers and poets, a marketplace of small businesses, and much more.

Full details are available at


Decaying Toronto

One of the first posts that I had about Toronto when I signed up to blog here was on Urban Exploration.

Came across another UE website which has some marvelous pictures of decaying Toronto. Kendall Anderson shoots galleries of decaying and abandoned buildings, asylums, factories and warehouses in Toronto and environs.

The galleries contain series of photos from various urban explorations and are presented as photo essays in an attempt to document these locations which may not be around much longer. Typically these are abandoned buildings, industrial sites, derelict structures and other places we’ve forgotten or ignored over time.

Proud to Be Filipino-Canadian!

I was born in Toronto and have lived most of my life here. Growing up, my parents instilled Filipino values and traditions in me and my siblings. I’ve only had one opportunity to visit the Philippines, my parents homeland. It was then that I could truly appreciate the Filipino culture and my roots. My daughter was also born here. We hope to take her to the Philippines one day.

The Filipino community in the GTA strives to preserve their rich cultural heritage as they build lives here in Canada, thousands of miles from home and in most cases, their families.

It was certainly a fine weekend to be a proud Filipino as the Filipino Adventist community gathered to celebrate Philippine Independence at a cultural event held Sunday, June 5. It was an amazing event showcasing musical and performance talent. The folk dances and the elaborate Filipino costumes were beautiful.

My daughter was invited to perform Bulaklakan or the Flower Dance with 11 other girls. My 6 year old learned the dance sequence in 4 weeks and was so excited to perform onstage. They did an awesome job! I was one proud mother that evening!

The best part about being a Filipino-Canadian is that we live in a city that allows us to embrace our traditions and celebrates them right along with us. Mabuhay!

Rock Concert

A few friends are performing at the Speakeasy at Church & Richmond this Friday. Basic Rock and Metal genres. If you’re interested in some good indy music feel free to come out and have a good time. Tickets are $10.

(Drinks are cheap.)

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