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Dirtballs Always Wear Black…


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Probably the best display of carnage I have ever witnessed. The Dirtballs are taking Toronto dodgeball to new levels. There will be some serious damage inflicted…

Indy Arts Festival

Jesus is coming… to kick some ass!

Ear To The Ground presents an evening of vampires, beaches and Jesus to raise funds for the upcoming festival in September. It all happens on Thursday, June 2 at the Bloor Cinema. Doors are at 9:15, and the fun begins at 9:30.

The night begins with a live performance by the Vampire Beach Babes, followed by a screening of the campy fun cult hit Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter, winner of four international film festival awards, including Slamdance.

Tickets are just $8.00, and will be available in advance at the Bloor Cinema box office, or at the door.

Come out and support Toronto’s newest independent arts festival. You wouldn’t want to disappoint Jesus, would you?

Canadian Bilingualism

Not much to do with Toronto aside from a jab at the west coast, but thought I’d post it anyway. Makes for a good laugh if anything else.


Efficiency on the Friendlier Way

TTC Subway Rider Efficiency Guide. A most intriguing website I came across on Boing Boing, the wallet sized guide is one which allows you to know which car of the subway system you should board in order to be nearest to the exit when you reach your destination. A must have for the regular downtowner.

Green Thumb, I Have Not

As I mentioned in a previous post, my mother-in-law took me shopping for flowers for our garden.

Let me just begin by saying that I was never gifted with a green thumb. It does, however, run in the family. But any plant that enters the premises of our house… do feel sorry for. They usually end up crippled and well, dead.

However, during my mother-in-law’s stay, she wanted to do something for our garden. It’s a hobby of hers… creating a symbiosis of colour even in our sad collection of empty patio pots.

Walking down the aisles of flowers, I was actually amazed to find myself in this subculture of Toronto, urbanites and suburbanites, intensely focusing on exactly what they need to complete their garden.

It’s obviously not just a hobby for some but a true form of art.

Lets face it, with the growing population in Toronto, there are less and less housing (well, affordable housing) with large backyards. High-rise condo’s and townhouses are shooting up everywhere.

Yet, even with our own tiny, townhouse back patio, I was amazed at how just a few pots of colourful plants could spruce up what was very drab.

Anyway, wish me luck. My goal is to keep these new floral, family members alive.

Plus, I don’t want to disappoint the mother-in-law.

May Two Four

The fireworks started yesterday afternoon…


Unfortunately, I’m stuck at home doing some web projects but during coffee breaks and spending time with my kid, I’ve been enjoying the fresh air.

And of course… BBQ’s. What kind of canadian would I be without BBQ-ing on the May long weekend?

I hope everyone else is taking in the nice weather (sans the occasional grey cloud here and there). Eat, drink (responsibly) and be merry.

And hopefully, you didn’t pick this time of the year, like yours truly, to put a halt on beer.

I swear I have the worst timing…

Highway Patrol

Just one hour after the heavy highway patrol for May two-four and a drunk driver was already caught.

The OPP will be very busy this week, I’m afraid. *sigh*

However, Torontorians have been blessed by gorgeous weather. The kind that gives a slight breeze and warm rays.

We went out to Rona at Kennedy Commons (Hwy 401 and Kennedy Rd.) to shop for some flowers. I was actually quite impress with their open parking lot display for all the garden lovers.

I’m actually not much of a garderner but I do want to try and actually keep them alive… my mother-in-law is the one of the green thumb. So she planted them while I watched.

Gorgeous. A perfect way to spend a quiet afternoon. And now, I can’t help but to peek out and look at my new garden every now and then.

My family and I will be taking much advantage of this great weather.

BBQ… every day!


I’ve populated the blogroll (bottom right of the page) with a few Toronto Blog’s and blogging related websites. If you know of any other websites that you would like to see linked, please let myself or the other Toronto Metrobloggers know through the comments and we will add them to the list.

Gold-Collar Aspirationalist

“Walking with a Prada bag on Bloor Street is still more important than the (money) that’s in it”, according to the article Flaunting It in the Sunday edition of The Toronto Star.

If you’ve ever walked down Bloor Street in front of Holt Renfrew – referred to simply as Holt’s for those on the VIP list – you have probably noticed that this is true. This girl still can’t afford to shop there so I guess I’ll never know what it feels like to walk in and have the doorman greet me by my first name. Although after reading the article I now know that his name is Tom.

That’s a whole other side of Toronto I can only *windowshop* at. Call me a glutton for punishment, but it’s still fun – er, at least on most days.

Anyway, the article also speaks of a certain marketing demographic known as the “gold-collar aspirationalist” (who coins these terminologies anyway?) – aka someone who would risk their credit history for a limited edition Louis Vuitton bag. Little old naive me thought that only existed in LA.

What to do on a rainy day…

Well it’s cool and rainy again this weekend. What is one to do? Singing in the Rain? Getting your groove on?

I suppose I could check out the AGO or the Contact Festival? Hmmm…Maybe a variation on all of the above… Got to go skateboarding at an indoor park last night so tonight I’ll try to survive the brutallity of Toronto’s CURSED in Hamilton (at Absynthe). The museums will be about my speed tomorrow…

Yes some people are still happy when it rains…

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