Late night offerings

As it’s been mentioned in the two previous posts, far be it for me to neglect CMW. My problem as a music nerd is that I haven’t figured out the whole “How to be in multiple places at the same time” dilemma. So here in brief are five reasons that keep me from leaving the house tonight, if only because picking which show to go to would make me insane. I offer them to you because hopefully you’re reading this and looking for something to do.

  1. 12am at the Horseshoe local genii the illuminati
  2. 12am at Lee’s Japanese garage punk heroes Guitar Wolf
  3. 12am at Healey’s it the Psychotic 4. I don’t know much about them but am banking on their apparent similarities to bands like “Faster Pussycat, Black Halos, New York Dolls”
  4. 1am at the Elmo (downstairs) its Damon and Naomi. Hey, that’s two thirds of Galaxie 500, can’t go wrong with that!

If that’s not enough you could always check out Optimo. They’re Scottish and even more fantastically they’re named after a Liquid Liquid song(!!!) They’re playing the Supermarket (268 Augusta) tonight for $8

Mmmmmm good music…Argh! All at the same time!!!

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