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streetcar lane craziness

Today I saw someone try to jump the curb to make a U-turn across a dedicated streetcar lane. They had a small SUV-type vehicle, but the curb was too high. Silly people. I understand that it can be confusing to drive around those lanes if you are new to them, but trying to jump that curb just doesn’t make any sense, cause it’s built that high to keep cars out of the streetcars’ path!!

Spring has Sprung! The grass is…… green???

I am jumping for joy at the sight of the sun! After several weeks of -15C weather, we are going to experience the 15C weather I could only dream about! Spring is FINALLY here!

However, there is something about the arrival of spring that makes me slightly mad. The melting of the snow…. revealing the piles of garbage! Snowbanks are NOT garbage dumps, and “The weather is too cold for me to take my hands out of my mittens to throw/pick up garbage” is not an excuse! It is always during the winter season that Torontonians tend to become litterbugs!

I was watching Cable Pulse and they were saying that the city has to now spend extra money to clean up it’s streets. Tourists and residents of Toronto are complaining about the filth! I thought Toronto was a relatively clean city compared to many major cities in the world. We have garbage disposable areas at almost every street corner and I always see campaigns to keep the city clean. We’ve kept it up good so far…. why spoil it now?

I’m disappointed to know that our tax money, health and image has been jeopardized by people who couldn’t make the effort to throw their garbage into the trash can.

Graffiti Justice???


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I’m always a little disturbed when I hear tax dollars are being cut from the arts. Worse still is when you have money thrown at “policing” the city. I find the streets can be quite boring sometimes. A splash of colour or cool stencil like this ONE I shot this weekend can be affirming glimpses of a LIVING CITY. I’d like to see offensive graffiti targeted. You know like the monsterous walls of advertizing at Yonge & Dundas. Hit the guy with the pockets deep enough to pay $1000 a second for grotesque video loops, not the guy spending $10 on spray cans. Justice is served by matching the punishment with the crime…

Toronto’s High Park

What a gorgeous day! The sun truly was graceful to us as we took a very early morning stroll in High Park.

While my husband trained for his upcoming High Park 8km run, I took my daughter for a stroll to the playground (click on accompanying photo).

This playground always amazes me. Especially when I learned that the concept design was taken from children themselves. What better way to create a playground for kids then to get the idea right from a child’s imagination?

To be back in the city

Changing gears, Changing jobs… Happy to return to my carless commute to the downtown core. Praying for now that there wont be any TTC or GO strikes. Monday is the beginning of some long awaited CAR FREEDOM!

Misery Loves Company

Last weekend, my husband and I popped into our local Tims for a caffeine fix. A man was standing in front of the counter, but not really close to it, so we weren’t sure if he was waiting to be served or still trying to decide on what he wanted to order. So we stood behind and waited. Another lady approached us and asked “Is this the end of the line?” with a quizzical look. My husband then asked the man we were standing behind if he was in line. And then very rudely he shot back “Yeah what does it look like!” Holy bite someone’s head off!

Sometimes you have to just laugh things off. We had a good chuckle about that one with the lady who commented that its a sad society we live in if you can’t even ask a simple question without pissing someone off.

We ordered our coffee and as she left the store she turned around and with a big smile, called out to us, HAVE A GREAT DAY!

On that note, have a beautiful Easter weekend Toronto Metbloggers! Spread some sunshine!


Next weekend is Easter, apparently it is spring now. But here’s what I saw outside today: snow.

stats canada predictions

I heard a Statistics Canada story today that visible minorities will make up half Toronto’s population, by 2017. This comes as no surprise to me; you’d have to be living under a rock not to notice the trend. I think it’s neat, and I’m proud of how Toronto and the GTA are, with our blend of people from different places; that anyone could come here to live and feel somewhat at home. When we have visitors from somewhere else, or when I go somewhere else, I always think kind of gleefully that Canada is more multicultural and therefore socially advanced than anywhere else; we are not the only multicultural place on earth though, but I always forget that.

I got sunshine…. and traffic

ok… maybe it’s not the month of May. But it’s pretty nice weather out there compared to some other March days I can remember in T.O.
Speaking of our fair city… I’ve got a gripe today… traffic.
I live just north of the city and cannot believe the pace at which condos and housing units continue to get built north (and east and west for that matter) of this city without considering transportation gridlock.
The city and its surrounding burbs refuse to cooperate on extending the TTC subway lines… streets don’t get widened… highways don’t get built… something’s gotta give.
Try heading North on dufferin between finch and steeles between 4:30mp and 6:30pm. Fuggedaboutit.
The 404, the 401, the DVP – ha!
Can I get a “hell ya!”?

Spring stroll…

A stroll outside on the first day of spring in Toronto. Snow is still there but I’ve got a feeling it will be melting away this week.

Happy First Day of Spring, Metroblogging!

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