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Potent Enough to be Floor Cleaner

I’ve been fighting a nasty cold for the last week or so. I try to hold off on taking medicine for as long as I can. But late last week after hacking out a lung two nights in a row I decided it was time. It was time for Buckley’s. Holy crap – that cough medicine smells like one hell of a powerful floor cleaner and tastes just as vile (not that I’ve ever tasted floor cleaner). It clears your sinuses and burns a path of destruction as it goes down your throat. I had to concentrate really hard so the gag reflexes wouldn’t kick in. The company marketing tagline is It Tastes Awful. And it Works. They weren’t kidding!

This Toronto-based cough medicine slash floor cleaner is a leader in the cough and cold category. Who knew that cough medicine could possibly put Toronto on the map! Goes to prove that us Torontonian’s don’t mess around with the common cold. I think that stuff could be strong enough to wipe out strains of West Nile – seriously!

*cough cough*

Oops, that’s my cue to take another dose of Buckley’s! God give me strength!

Play Money

Every morning after I drop my daughter off at school, I pop into Second Cup for my A.M. caffeine jolt. It was there at my local favourite coffee shop that I first noticed that a majority of retailers are now equipped with those paper currency scanners to detect for counterfeit bills.

Several weeks ago, I was in line waiting to pay for groceries at No Frills, when the lady in front of me was told that the $10 bill she had just handed the cashier was counterfeit.

Those little currency scanners are as common as the Interac keypads at most cash registers these days. I find that oddly disturbing. At the same time I’m not deluded into thinking that Toronto is totally devoid of crime, but its scary to think that retailers have to resort to scanning every bill that passes into their hands.

Unless you have a toonie in your wallet to pay for your cup of coffee, you can count on the fact that the $5, $10, or $20 bill ($100 bills don’t find their way into my purse often these days) you pull out will get passed through the machine before your lips touch the fresh brewed java.

beware the ides of march

Forget that… I think the ides of March had better beware this schizo weather we’ve been having. Sunny as you’d wish on Monday; pouring like we’re in a rainforest Tuesday. Leave your jacket it’s a warm winter’s Wednesday; don’t get caught outside without your parka Thursday. Shovel your way through the weekend…
Enough. I’m ready to move.

Way more than 15 min of fame

Imagine one of your former co-workers. Now imagine their image plastered all over a huge billboard. How weird would that seem?

In the past, I worked at a radio station, volunteered at another, and volunteered at Rogers Community 10 in two different cities. As a result, every week I see or hear someone I used to work with, on the radio or on TV.

But to see the image of someone I know on a billboard, that is probably a couple of storeys high, I never expected that. He looks the same as when I worked with him, same facial expressions, so it’s all the more unbelievable.

Gym rats

Day after day, I witness the same scenerio… Sweaty men sucking in their gut, trying to impress some limber, aerobic queen. Women in the locker room talking about the same thing (i.e. relationship problem) with their workout buddy every day, during the same time, for a whole year. AT THE LEAST. People getting on a weight machine and totally abusing it… not just the machine itself but probably their bodies due to ill-form and improper use.

Gym rats. Of the worst kind.

TTC fares

I went on vacation to Vancouver maybe 2 years ago, and their transit system had a zone fare system. There were three zones: downtown, and two further-out zones. If you travelled within one zone, the fare was maybe less than 2 dollars. If you travelled across all three, it was more than $3.

I have often wondered if the TTC shouldn’t re-adopt this type of fare scheme, seeing as how they are always asking for more money to run the system properly.

I called a phone-in show on CFRB several months ago, and brought up the topic, and was cut off quickly; both the host and guest were old enough to remember the zone system that existed on the TTC previously and had bad memories of it, waiting for customers to deposit the extra fare before the vehicle could cross into the other fare zone.

However I thought that Vancouver’s proof-of-payment system was rather slick; instead of a newsprint transfer, theirs has a magnetic strip that you put into a card-reader on the bus, and if your trip time has run out, or if you are out of your paid-for zone, the magnetic strip will tattle on you; no my-word-against-yours disputes to hold up the other riders. They also had cool LED signs at bus stops, that displayed, to the minute, when the next bus was expected. Our transit system seems a little archaic in comparison.

Every time I hear David Miller asking for more money for the TTC, I think of this Vancouver zone fare system, and how maybe it would generate more revenue, and how much more fair it would be to have riders pay for the distance they travel; perhaps the fares could be dropped considerably for people who just have to go one or two blocks.

The PATH of Confusion!

The underground PATH links up some of the subway stations and most of the buildings in the downtown Toronto area. It’s very convenient during the winter time as you don’t need to walk outside in the bitter cold. Along these paths, there are shops, restaurants and food courts.

However, after working in the downtown core for the past 8 months, I’m still getting lost in the PATH! I blame it on the repetition of shops along the way that confuses me (You can find at LEAST 4 Sushi Q outlets within one stretch!) and the lack of signs that would direct you to the correct buildings. I take the same route to work every day and instead of heading towards First Canadian Place, I always end up at the Bay! I’ve tried backtracking to figure out which turning I’ve missed, but I get even more confused and like today, I ended up at the Metropolitan Hall.

Like I’ve always said, one fine day, I might end up in Sasketchewan.

We Don’t Need You Carter!!!!!


I used to attend Toronto Raptor games quite often when Vince was still playing as he was my favourite player. This season, I didn’t have the urge to go because I disliked the new players they had traded for, I thought there would be less Raptor fans and without the presence of Vince, I thought the games would be boring to watch. In fact, I was told that the Toronto Raptors Basketball games were pretty much dead!

Thank goodness I was proven wrong!!!!

I went to a Raptors game about a week ago for the first time this season and watched them play against the Mavericks. I ended up sitting at the 300 level with my boyfriend because he wanted a closer view of the game. I was quite surprised because the Air Canada Center was actually quite full! About 80% of the crowd were cheering for the Raptors and although they lost that day, they did have a really good game. I used to focus on the plays by Vince.. but after this game, I adore watching Rose, Marshall and Bosh in action! They really work well together and the game was so exciting that the crowd (including me!) stood up and danced a couple of times!

Despite the absence of “vince-sanity”, the Toronto Raptors are still trying hard to win their games and their plays are still very thrilling. It may take a while for them to find that right team to do well, but as long as Toronto continues to support them, the Toronto Raptors are still very much alive as they were before!

So Ready for Spring

I played tour guide today and took my cousins visiting from out-of-town to do a little shopping in this great city. You know – the typical spots – Yorkdale and the Eaton Centre. I’ve lived away for 4 years so I have to admit I felt a little lost myself. But much like riding a bike, it all comes back once you get your bearings.

I’d forgotten about all those snazzy little shops along Queen St. Mind you, there were quite a few new upscale places I don’t remember ever seeing there before. I’ll have to spend some time reaquainting myself with Aritzia. Oops did I say that out loud?

Unfortunately, because of the dump of snow we got last night, the sidewalks were slushy and just one big mess. Not that snow is a freak of nature in Toronto or anything. Most of the passersby looked annoyed and just plain ready for Old Man Winter to go away. I have to say I’m a little weary of it myself. I’m ready for some warm sunshine and some leisurely walks on our Toronto streets.

Yes, I know… we’re zoo fanatics!

It’s February… the winter season is almost at it’s end. We’re a bit stir crazy… as a result, we’ve managed to take our daughter to the zoo three times in this last month.

I do hope I’ll be expanding on the theme of my photoblogs.

Even I feel that is ridiculous that I have THAT many photos of our zoo!

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