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CBMK Contest Crazyness…

Today marked the first Winter Mini Ramp Jam at CBMK! Amazing to see so much talent in the GTA. Hamilton, Grimsby, St. Catherines, Stoney Creek, Mississauga, and Toronto skaters took to the ramps for some amazing runs. From the 12 and unders to the 18+ fun was had by all. No entry fee either!

It’s always great to see the parents supporting their kids too, especially encouraging them to SKATEBOARD rather than skateboard in a video game. Definitely not the angry hockey parent crowd

Talk radio in the a.m.

Some one said to me the other day that radio just isn’t something people listen to as much. Well… I wasn’t sure what to say back. I figured that was pretty obvious. How long has both the net and teli been around? Sorry… I’m in a sarcastic mood.

Radio is still around though and I’m glad of it. I’m actually pretty faithful to some of the Toronto stations. Especially on commute to and from work during rush hour.

About two weeks ago, I was listening to Mad Dog and Billie. At least I think it was them. I haven’t listened to the radio all that much while on maternity leave so I have forgotten which station they are at these days…

It was one of those things… a question posed and then callers were to give their answer/oppinion. And the question of that day, due to the ‘big’ news of Brad and Jen’s splitsville scenerio…

Who’s hotter? Jennifer Aniston or Angelina Jolie?

I was waiting and waiting to hear one woman speak up for Angelina. And when one woman did speak up in saying she thought Angelina was way hotter and that she would date her (or was it ‘do’ her?) I was simply all very… “um… FINALLY!!!” (evidently, we have a lot of Torontorians of the female population thinking that Angelina Jolie should be described as ‘skanky’)

And then both the radio talkshow hosts acted all shocked. As if this was some sort of huge surprise…

I was wondering if they were shocked that some one answered in such a way, or if in fact it was because a WOMAN had answered this way. Would they have been any more different had it been a man saying they would bed Miss Jolie?

Lord knows *I* would bed her… regardless of my sexual orientation. I mean… good God! Just look at her! Sheesh!

A warm story for this cold month

In my rush to get to the chiropracter on time this morning I managed to get my tiny ancient Toyota stuck halfway in and out of a snow-filled parking space (I was over-ambitious in my faith in the Little Corolla That Could). Unable to move more than two inches in either direction, I was on the verge on calling CAA when a guardian angel appeared in the form of a very kind gentlemen who pushed me out of that fluffy white death trap and back to safety.

I was still late for the chiropracter, but my faith in Torontonians was restored.

Bored Tonight?

Celebrate Australia Day by heading over to the Lula Lounge for The Power of Ignorance. It promises to be a hilarious evening that will have nothing at all to do with Australia.

So it’s cold, what else is new? This is Toronto and it is January. Despite the occasional urge to curl up into a ball and plant myself firmly on my couch there’s too much going on for me to hibernate. The wind chill warnings may be in effect, but I’m not staying in.

Tonight it’s all about Magic Pony. Magic Pony is a “shop for creative animals” and I need not say more than a simple I love it. Anyway, artist Gary Baseman is in town tonight for a signing and toy/print premiere.

My only problem lies in figuring out how to get to the store without doing my regular record store to record store browse and shop. I love my vinyl and my fave Queen St record stores. Unfortunately the vinyl purchases do not seem to be meshing well with my current student budget, perhaps it has something to do with money for food/a distinct lack of… I also plan to stop by one of my favourite haunts (here’s a hint, it starts with a “Squirell” and ends with an “ey’s”) along Queen for some ‘warm up’ drinks. Since I’ll be meeting up with my friend Yumi, the plan of action is to avoid getting nostalgia drunk before the signing, because no one likes idiots at art shows. Anyway, here’s hoping I actually make it out tonight vs having jinxed myself with cold weather bravado.

As much as I love Toronto…

Welcome the February blahs. I sense it’s arriving early this year.

I have a number of friends and relatives who are smart enough to plan their tropical destination around January or February. Just a week or two away in order to help them make it through the last long stretch of winter.


At least right now I do. And yes, I completely admit that I’m being whiney and outright jealous of their warm and sunny excursions.

How pitiful of me. Am I not Canadian? Should I not brave such cold conditions that are not even close to the cold conditions felt in our neighbouring, northern cities and towns?

For shame of me.

Or perhaps it’s the problem of our four seasons which go from extreme heat to extreme cold. When it becomes sticky and hot, we wonder when the cold breeze will arrive… when it becomes dry and freezing, we wonder when the sun will warm us again…

The grass is always greener.



Charles sitting in the new rainforest home at the Toronto Zoo. He seems to sit like that a lot.

Still no hockey

I know I risk getting flamed for what I am about to say…

I don’t miss hockey.

Others do. Die-hard fans who are friends of mine are somewhat going about in a gloom in regards to their sports world fetish. While my compassion reaches out for them, I have to admit that this is a nice change.

Don’t get me wrong. I love cheering for my home team. And while I can’t be described as a die-hard fan myself, I do watch some of the games and cheer for the Leafs all the way.

It’s just that I’ve noticed a change in those around me. There seems to be time for other things. Instead of watching the game whenever possible, people are actually having more conversations. About other things in life, even. And perhaps people are actually finding different hobbies and interests.

My god… people are even picking up a book. TO READ! It boggles the mind…

Plus, I’m happy for the Junior world of hockey. They have recieved much more attention and exposure.

Frankly, I think we needed a break. Especially with all the excessive violence that has been errupting through the past year or two. Players being charged for assault and such.

I just hope this doesn’t hurt the NHL like it did with baseball. Somehow, I think the NHL is strong enough to overcome this set back. We shall see when the next season arrives.

Winter couch?

Regarding my previous photoblog, I just realized that someone left a couch sitting in the middle of the side walk. Understandably so, I missed it because a great deal of the couch was covered in snow. I’m tempted to go out and take another photo of it but I have a feeling it will be covered completely and I’ll have little luck in finding it.

Not that I spend my time taking photos of abandoned furniture in the dead of winter… my life while on maternity leave is somewhat mundane but honesty it’s NOT THAT BAD.

So I keep telling myself…

As of 2:42 in the afternoon…

I took a quick shot from our second room window of the winter view… damn cold opening up that window even just for a couple of seconds.

The snow most definitely isn’t letting up anytime soon. Hope everyone drives extra-cautiously today. In fact, stay in if you needn’t have to be anywhere.

Aside from the crazy commuting conditions, I have to say that this white, fluffy view is quite peaceful. It requires a hot cup of tea and a really good book infront of the fireplace.

Course, that’s a tad difficult considering we don’t actually own anything remotely close to a fireplace…

It’s the imagery that counts. Happy snow day.

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