Our Neighbours Just South of the Border

I made my way south of the border yesterday for my annual trip to a Buffalo Bills game. Lord have mercy, why do I go?
I’ve endured rain, wind, ice storms, snow, -40 degree cold, hail and sleet.
What is it about Buffalo that attracts every bad weather system in the hemisphere?
Ya know those days that start out dark and cloudy but then by mid-day the sun is shining brightly? Do you know where those clouds go? To Buffalo. It’s no joke. Yesterday in Toronto was cloudy but the rain held off. In Buffalo it was so windy that I couldn’t put a full beer bottle down without it getting blown over. On top of that, as the game began, so did the rain. Sideways.
It felt a bit like being in that toronado in the Wizard of Oz – things flying past – people, bikes, food… you name it.
Poor Buffalo – wasn’t four failed Superbowl attempts enough punishment? Go easy on them Lord…

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