Haunted halls, books sales and Picasso…

Mmmm, it’s finally Fall. I know this not because of crazy weather or dramatic changes in leaf colour but because we’re smack in the middle of Book Sale season at U of T. If you follow book sales or are known to haunt the murky depths of used bookstores then this may be old news – Or this might end up being the key to your entry into the secret world of cheap books/rare finds mixed with the drama that is the once a year, weekend sale. This Friday (October 15th) marks the first day of University College’s annual booksale. The U.C. bookfest runs 12pm to 8pm until Tuesday the 19th in the East and West Halls of the College. My recommendation is to hit the sale early and I base this upon years of experience as a book buyer/U.C. student so trust me on that. Not only can one pick up some nice swag, but the money goes to the College and that’s a good thing (future grads with slightly lower debt loads should thank us for this).

Added bonus #1 University College is one of the best looking buildings on the U of T campus so go look around, the book sale makes for a fine excuse to tour a local historical site. In other news the building is reputedly haunted and it’s historic nickname was (and is) “The godless College”. Just in case you’re curious the context for the nickname is (sadly) far from sinister, it was the first non-denominational college affiliated with the University of Toronto. Anyway, how’s that for a double shot of October worthiness?

If that doesn’t perk your interest Added bonus #2 might work it for you: Running concurrently at the U of T Art Centre is the Picasso and Ceramics exhibition! The U of T Art Centre just happens to be tacked onto the U.C. complex on the main floor of the College’s Laidlaw wing. The Picasso exhibit runs until January 23rd, but it’s billed as “The largest exhibition of Picasso’s work in clay ever seen in Canada” so you might not want to wait until the last minute to check it out.

All of these wonders can be found at University College – a short walk south from the St.George subway station, or up from the Queen’s Park stop as per your travelling preference. You’re basically looking for the big, castle looking building that makes it onto many a U of T centred post card. The actual street address is 15 King’s College Circle.

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