Nasal Abuse

OK. This is my first year being part of the “subway” culture (i.e. taking the TTC to & from work). Before this I had jobs north of the city, went to York University etc. – so this is really my first go at it.
For years I listened to my friends and family who were subway go-ers complain about how bad some people smell on the subway. Come on, how bad can it be?
Well, up until now I always assumed these comments were directed at B.O.
Now, maybe it’s been the irregularly cool summer we’ve had, or maybe my senses just aren’t up to snuff, but I really haven’t noticed much of an issue.. until this morning…
Today I sat down on the subway and opened up my National Post as usual. Just before the subway doors closed a lady in her 50s boarded and plopped down in the seat next to me. She looked harmless enough – black dress with blue flowers, grasping her copy of Health & Health Canada to read on her way downtown. And then it hit. This woman absolutely reeked of the most vial perfume I had ever smelled. Not only had she decided to apply this brutal fragrance this a.m. – she had evidently decided to bathe in it too.
I got up and moved down the car thinking this may alleviate the pungent odour. No such luck. This seemingly innocent woman had “balm”ed the subway.
UGH! I can still smell it on my clothes! Aroma Terrorism! The Stench Queen lives…

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  1. minou_degrassi (unregistered) on October 9th, 2004 @ 3:37 pm

    There are also those days when someone’s got BO and someone else has too much perfume. You’d figure the smells would split the difference, but alas they don’t.

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