Can’t Believe my Nose!

So, we finally get some dynamite weather! A great day to stroll down College St. and pop by the Cafe Diplomatico…maybe have some great mussels…maybe a glass of wine or a frosty pint of lager…well no luck!
In a well timed assault on my body. I got a real, full on, 100%, head cold!
Son of a Bitch!!
Spiked a fever, waves of nausea, cold sweats, and mucous discharge that would make…well, you get the picture.
To any doctor out there reading this (doctor he says…wonder if anybody reads this!)….please for the love of God find a way to KILL THESE BUGS!
Lord knows I don’t ask for much.
I just want to enjoy this weather a little bit before it starts to blow.
You can read that “blow” part any way you want to! You know what I am talking about come Jan. – Feb. in this part of the world…freezing our asses off saying things like “If you just get out there, you’ll get used to it.”
Yeah, sure, if your a freakin’ Moose! You get yourself used to it!…out of their goddamn minds, all of them!

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