Toronto at 5:20am

Took a long walk this morning and discovered the following things:

– the neighbourhood raccoons are becoming bolder and bolder — no longer scurrying away when I get in their sightline. I think the one going through our garbage may have pulled a switchblade on me.

– According to signage on College Street, a new restaurant with a rooftop patio will be “unleashed” on us soon. I find the word “unleashed” unsettling in that context for some reason.

– The new American Apparel store on Queen was broken into about 5 minutes before I walked by it around 6am. Four cruisers full of Toronto’s finest responded. As an added bonus they had help from the local neighbourhood drunk who fancied himself quite the private detective.

– The corner of southwest corner of Queen and Spadina always smells like pee but it’s better than having to walk by the scary micro-McDonald’s across the street.

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