Hockey…the fall from grace to disgrace

Hockey World Cup Freak out to NHL lockout
I am still gathering my thoughts from the debacle that took place the other night after Canada won and the fans of the NHL lost.
First off, lets face some facts. The tournment was half-assed by all accounts. There were two good games in the whole thing and one was the final. I’m a fan of hockey but people rioting afterwards and horses trampling old men…I mean really! Give your heads a shake. (Fans and Cops)

What people should really be worried about is if this town and the beloved Toronto Maple Leafs win the Stanley Cup!
If Toronto ever wins the Lord Stanley we are going to blow the lid off this dump!
I know that I will probably get a hernia trying to overturn my neighbours Hyndai Pony (with matching rust spots I might add). Well, I might just do that anyways to celebrate St.Swivens day (DON’T Look that up it’s a holiday somewhere!) because…well…it’s not that I want to do it, I have to do it. Cosmically, we are bound by our passions and turning and burning a Hyndai is what I have got to do Mister!
The NHL lockout… all I say is that it hurts the fans who seem to be the only ones who really care about the game. Despite all the TV sports “analysts” commentary and chest beating, they still are only speaking emotionally and with very little facts backing their bold and brash statements. And remember kids you can’t say “analysts” without saying anal.

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