GO. Stop.

I hate to start posting on a dreary note.. but what are you gonna do? It’s Monday – cope.
A bunch of my co-workers travel home every day by train. Not the subway – but the real thing. Of late (and on Friday in particular), there seem to be a number of Torontonians who are deciding to end their miserable existence via the train. **Side note: Ironically, they are not choosing VIA but rather GO**
Now, I understand there are some people with serious problems out there. Depression, mental illness, family problems, health concerns, money woes, etc.
But why park yourself in front of a train?
There are easier ways to go. There are less messy ways to go. I understand they’ve made it damn near impossible to scale over the Bloor bridge now.. but come on people! I had one co-worker who had to spend 4 hours on a train Friday waiting for them to scrape some poor guys remains off the front of it.

OK – I can be sympathetic. You have a lousy life. But why do you have to depress the rest of us too?

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