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Diana Mini Maniac

I still shoot digital here and there but considering how fast photo “innovations” hit the streets I don’t mind looking to the past and simpler times. I’ve been a fan of half frame cameras and photographers who use them like Bob Kronbauer, Andy Mueller and Isaac Mckay-Randozzi for years. After drooling over these camera gizmos for some time but got my first one on ebay a few months back.

It’s nice getting twice as many pictures crammed on to a roll of film. The “relic” of a camera I hooked up was probably one of the best point and shoot cameras of 1962 and still works well today! The reality is that whether your camera is a metal, plastic or pinhole it’s a photographer’s imagination that’s at the soul of a good picture.

When Lomography announced the release of a new plastic half frame camera, the Diana Mini, I pounced. Their remake of the classic Diana is quite good but they seem to have out done themselves with this mini version. 120 (medium format film) is harder to come by so a cute 35mm version of a Diana is a welcome surprise.

Pocket-Diana Mini

The camera is in the mail, just in time to catch the madness at The Ex. For those allergic to carnies and mail order I’m sure that Urban Outfitters or the good people at PIKTO will be stocking the Diana Mini for your own photo adventure soon enough.

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