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A Night Out With Chloe

I caught the new Atom Egoyan film Friday night. I missed it at TIFF and I’m glad I finally got to see it. Chloe is a well acted movie set here in Toronto starring Julianne Moore, Liam Neeson and Amanda Seyfried. An interesting “bonus” for the Toronto movie watcher is to see the city as yet another character in the film.

Originally this remake of the French film Nathalie, starring Gérard Depardieu, was to be set in San Francisco. I’m glad that Ivan Reitman simply produced the film and hired Egoyan work for the project. Egoyan brought an interesting take on the material. He also threw in a slew of Toronto locations which are shamelessly featured without the usual alterations to turn them into a real or fictionalized US cityscape. From Yorkville, Allan Gardens, The Rivoli, photos by Edward Burtynsky, even the quaint College retreat Café Diplomatico form the backdrop for this erotic thriller. The chilling subject matter is handled with sophistication.

It’s a relief to see some great cinema on the big screen. So few movie releases have Canadian content let alone a Canadian city as its location. Atom Egoyan delivers both and shines again.

Where to wash your clothes on the Midway


It was just what I needed. I accidentally dropped a little ketchup onto my shirt while taking part in one of CNE’s famous foot long corn dogs during my visit the other day. The thing is, It had happened just as I got there. I was only at the park maybe 15 minutes and I had a small red ketchup stain on my shirt. Where was my Tide pen when I needed it? So for several hours I walked around embarrassed trying to hide my stain. Then the unexpected happen. On my way back to the streetcars I found a washer right in the middle of the Midway. Yea, a washer! Great thinking guys… ;)

Where in Toronto? #16 – 2007

Town Centre

photo by me

Where in Toronto? #15 – 2007

Too easy?

Where in Toronto? #14 – 2007

If you visit Google Maps and type in “Toronto, ON” a location is shown that is just south of Adelaide W and on University.

Well, what is here?

Where in Toronto? #13 – 2007

Okay, this one is relatively easy. Relatively.

Where in Toronto? #12 – 2007

The following is the ceiling of which building?

Marijuana Grow Operations In Toronto

That's some good shite

In theory, one could use this map as a guide on where to score good weed. You know, if you thought like that.

Where in Toronto? #11 – 2007

Where in Toronto #11 for 2007

I forget the # of this police house, so bonus points for you if you can name it.

Where in Toronto? #10- 2007

Where in Toronto? #10- 2007
Photo by arvin.

Which intersection was this photo taken?

Bonus question: Name the steepled building in the far background.

NB: The name of the street was edited out ’cause this was already too easy.

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