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INSANE HEAT!!! Heading down to the bunker…

Got spoiled on my roadtrip. I’ve been in the lap of air conditioning all weekend. To return to my humble chambers void of such luxuries is a rude awakening. The continuation of an “Extreme Heat Alert”… Man when will the cooling rains come??? Considering that the third week of July is usually the hottest time of the year we have more to worry about.

Whatever your mode or tactic try to stay cool out there. Heat, Haze, Humidity will haunt us for awhile… Stay safe and remember there is help out there…

Toronto Civic Centres designated as cooling stations:
East York Civic Centre, 850 Coxwell Ave. (Coxwell and Mortimer)
North York Civic Centre, 5100 Yonge St. (Yonge and Sheppard)
Metro Hall, 55 John St. (John and King)
Etobicoke Civic Centre, 399 The West Mall (Burnhamthorpe and Hwy 427)

Hail the Wind

City of Toronto
11:11 AM EDT Wednesday 31 May 2006
Severe thunderstorm watch for
City of Toronto continued

Localized severe thunderstorms are possible this afternoon and evening.

This is an alert to the potential development of severe thunderstorms with large hail and damaging winds.

Monitor weather conditions..Listen for updated statements. If threatening weather approaches take immediate safety precautions.

Hot and humid conditions over southern Ontario are favourable for thunderstorms to develop. Some of these thunderstorms are capable to produce torrential downpours and large hail. These severe thunderstorms will be isolated. Many locales even within the watch area will not be affected.

Courtesy Environment Canada

O Happy Sunshine

Spring has officially begun, a lovely way to say good bye to march. Its refreshing to get shimmering sunlight and happy faces, which are no longer hidden under grumpy looking scarves, hats and what-nots. T-shirts, flip flops, roller blades and ofcourse capris are next base:D

Happy (almost)April people:)


Having two straight days of lovely weather is a rarity in Toronto but this weekend has been blooming in sunlight. I believe that it’s the Oscar buzz that is getting the weather all straightened up or may be it’s the upcoming march break. Whatever the reason may be, it’s lovely to have bright and awesome sunshine after so long. Today seems to be a great day for the Oscars. A few hours away is the final showdown, so do go for a walk in the lovely sunlight until it lasts and watch the Academy Awards tonight. I bet my money on Mr. Clooney’s Good Bye and Good Luck, which is one of the most beautiful(or so I think) movies that have come out this year.

Happy Sun-Day y’all!

mother nature confused

okay so this weather really has to make up its mind. either its winter or it’s spring. it can’t keep switching back and forth from one week to the next. it’s driving me nuts. on saturday i was roaming around wearing flip flops and a tshirt! the ski resorts are bawling their eyes out in the meantime to a completely lost season and most likely calling in bankruptcy.

i for one look forward to the winter only because it gives you more of a reason to look forward to the summer. this mild weather is really beginning to bother me. mother nature really needs to figure her shit out. anybody go to winterlicious? how sad it must be to celebrate winter when it’s 14 degrees outside!

anyone else as upset? feel free to rant below.

Brace Yourself!

A look ahead for the next few days in Toronto courtesy Environment Canada.

City of Toronto
4:33 AM EST Thursday 15 December 2005
Snowfall warning for City of Toronto continued

Snowfall amounts of 15 centimetres west of Toronto today to 30 centimetres over areas adjacent to eastern Lake Ontario and St Lawrence Valley by Friday evening.

A Major winter storm with the centre over western end of Lake Superior this morning is expected to bring heavy snowfall to regions just north of the lower Great Lakes and St Lawrence Valley. The heavy snowfall is expected to start over Windsor and Sarnia regions later this morning reaching Toronto and the Golden Horseshoe area by this evening then spread farther eastward to Cornwall Morrisburg area overnight. Snowfall amounts will vary from the 15 centimetres mark over the western sections of the warning area to 20-30 centimetres over the east. In addition there is a risk of freezing rain near the shore of Lake Erie today.

Snow will end overnight over the southwest..Friday afternoon over Toronto area and move out of eastern sections by Friday evening.

Snowfall warning in effect.

Cloudy. 40 percent chance of flurries this morning. Snow beginning near noon. Amount 2 to 4 cm. Wind southeast 20 km/h except 30 gusting to 50 near Lake Ontario. High zero.
Snow at times heavy. Amount 15 cm. Wind east 30 km/h except 30 gusting to 50 near Lake Ontario. Low minus 4.
Snow ending in the morning then cloudy with 60 percent chance of flurries. Amount 2 cm. Wind east 30 km/h except 30 gusting to 50 near Lake Ontario in the morning. Wind becoming west 20 early in the afternoon. High minus 1.
Cloudy with 40 percent chance of flurries. Low minus 6. High minus 2.
A mix of sun and cloud. Low minus 9. High minus 3.
Cloudy with 40 percent chance of flurries. Low minus 11. High minus 4.


Cold Weather Means Hot C$

Looks like the Canadian Dollar is heading for US$ 0.90…!? About 0.87 and counting already…

It seems that cold weather during lately has reminded many that winter is coming (especially in the North East US). Duh… No revelation here but I’ve noticed two things. The Financial markets over the last few days have shown that Natural Gas prices have SURGED to record levels. The Canadian Dollar has also done very well. I’m sure the fact that close to 95% of Natural Gas imported to the US comes from Canada may have something to do with that. So barrels of oil are not the only story post-hurricanes. That probably explains much of our Trade Surplus and the ever growing US Trade Deficit too. It also goes to show that the fall of the government had less effect on our currency than oil and gas!

Well I hope these record inflows are INVESTED (i.e. Government Spending on things that benefit Canadians… Transit, Health Care, Child Care, etc). The election campaigns have already kicked off and as usual I’m mindful of the what people say they will spend and cut. (Because service cuts and user fess are like taxes in disguise) Remember the sell off of Ontario Hydro… Debt Service charge??? The added portion of taxpayers’ bill to help pay the debt left over when the profitable part of Hydro got sold… No one party has all the answers but it will be interesting to see the debates Friday to see how the wanna be PM’s stand. It’s going to be a cold winter indeed…

Funny What a Little Snow Can Do…

Wow! Decided to do a 100% car-less commute (instead of the 95%) by not driving to the train station this morning. I figure it’s always a dice roll taking your car out on any snowy day let alone the first few. Almost the perfect choice. Everything was delayed. I guess the the upgrade of antiquated signals is not complete. My 10min delayed bus missed my 5min delayed train. At least I confortably made to my destination in ONE piece.

Got to love the GO Train and TTC though. In the 10 years of using it no matter what the weather I would have to say there are maybe a handful of times per year that there are serious stoppages or delays. Far fewer “road blocks” than many of my co-workers face driving in from Markham or Branford or wherever. The better way is also the SAFER way during the winter season…

winter blues

Winter is depressing because its gray. Everywhere you look…the sky…the ground, its all gray! Yeah, well everyone knows that already. But, Its nicer at night when all those xmas lights are on everywhere. I love walking or driving around downtown in winter just to look at those lights around stores, the pretty little things they hang from street lights and colourful xmas decorations in shop windows. Who wouldnt like that stuff, right?
I’m not sure if they unveiled the tree at Eaton yet, but I got to see it last week when they were decorating at night…after the mall had closed. It looks great.
And then I saw the BLUE tree in the middle of yonge by st. clair i think. smack in the middle of the road. up on that little bridge whose name or purpose I still havn’t discovered. I know they put so much energy into that tree specially in this cold weather. But why did they have to make it all blue, I do not understand. It made me feel sad for no reason other than its “monotonous blue-ness”.

Sniffles = No Fun

It’s that season. Got my first cold the other day. Figures that with global warming days on now in November (Double Digit Highs in NOVEMBER folks!) I have to get sick. Just when my OT is coming to an end too. Well if my sniffle head was in better shape I would be heading out to the DRAKE to celebrate my freedom. Montreal noise pop demons WE ARE WOLVES are back and playing there tonight. Oh well. I’ll have to save my self for Toshack Highway and Sianspheric next weekend.

SIANSPHERIC/TOSHACK HIGHWAY: That’s sure to be a treat since Adam Franklin (formally from Swervedriver) rarely brings his Toshack Highway accross the ocean and Sian well it’s been quite awhile since they have played. Bring on the space rock!

For the unfamiliar…



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