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Skateboard Madness at CBMK

Rushed back to the burbs on the GoTrain in time to skate at CBMK. It was great catching up with the locals and skating the Pole Bowl and mini. Doesn’t happen enough!!! Nothing like a heated indoor skatepark to melt away the return of winters wrath!

It was also great to see a few from the Rudy’s Skatepark (199? – 1992 R.I.P.) era too… The GTA has had it’s share of amazing skaters…

Blizzard 2007!

OK, everyone talks about the weather in Toronto, so who wants to read about it here, eh? But after the winter that wasn’t a winter morphing into icy winds and a few small snowfalls here and there, I just gotta celebrate Toronto’s blizzard of the year. Finally we have had a real Canadian snow dump here in the snow-free side of Lake Ontario! And here is how it all began.

To see how it ended, check out my Flickr Blizzard set, a microcosm of my blizzard experience.

Blizzard 2007 – a photoset on Flickr

Sky Weight

Nothing but endless grey skies. This is not supposed to be Toronto. November used to be grey skies and the beginning of snow. December brought in a few blue skies and more snow falling. January froze us to the marrow and blinded our eyes with sun and deep blue skies and glistening snow. February continued the bright blue deep freeze. And greyness only returned with March.

Now it’s grey grey grey. More and more each winter. No wonder we elected the same stuck-in-the-dark-ages, get-nothing-revitalized cabal. We’ve lost all hope. We watch chunks of Gardiner drop, shrug our heads back into our coats, and carry on, knowing nothing will change. Toronto is doomed.

I hate you grey sky!

Which is which?

Is it so easy to tell which was early November and which was taken yesterday?
Click the pics and the date will show up in the file name.

Weather to wear a sweater…

I’m not complaining but wow have we been going through quite the loop with our weather lately!

8 C right now.
-12 C average temp last year for this day.
2.7 C high in 2003!

I am not a winter bicyclist but ended up taking the ol bike for a spin yesterday with just a hoodie and jeans (no gloves) instead of waiting forever for a packed Eglinton bus. It was great but really hit home how I can’t predict what to wear anymore. I work 12 hour shifts from 7am til 7pm and so much can change in that time period. Lately though I just end up sweating on the way to and from work… guess this is the right physical environment to rent “An inconvenient truth” and curl up on the couch with no blanket and your window cracked open.

Au sujet de l’hiver

What I don’t like about winter in our large city is…

…packed TTC buses with the heat cranked up so high you sweat in your winter jacket along with everyone else.

What I like about winter in our large city is…

…being outside at 6:30am just after a huge new snowfall and marvelling at how quiet and beautiful every city block is.

The One Benefit of DST

Been hit pretty hard this time around. Usually I revel in the “extra” hour gained after we turn the clocks back but the deficit of sleep has not been replenished. I suppose the one benefit is that I can catch the sunrise on my way to work, catch a snooze and arrive at Union Station with a few extra winks. Looking forward to the weekend. All work and no play… Never a good formula.

Glad To Be On The “Good” Side of the Lake

I was shivering the night away last night and cursing the first few pellets of snow in the city. It wasn’t not all bad. Managed to hook up the “new” CHAVEZ best of at Rotate This! before I went out to the pub and I’m glad for that. That definitely helped warm my spirits before scrapping the frost off my windshield this morning. Fall is here and Winter is coming but we should hardly cry foul. Buffalo got hit HARD for October!!!

It’s all right to complain a bit, just be thankful to be on the “good” side of the lake here in Toronto…

Metroblogging Umbrella

It started with a short turn. A short turn is when a bus turns earlier than it normally does and changes direction.

“Passengers, please be advised that this bus is short turning on…”

The driver had barely finished the sentence when my internal monologue chimed in.

“Who the hell turns there? No one turns there!” They usually turn near home.

The announcement meant a far walk home on a dark, cloudy day. I hoped the rain would start then and there and wear itself out by the time the bus got to its turn.

It did. Or so I thought.

I watched the rain hit the window of the bus. Then it stopped. Passengers got off and I observed the bus make its turn as I started my walk home. After ten minutes of fast walking, it started to pour.

There was about a hundred metres left on my journey. I thought I could make it. I thought wrong. The rain was pounding and the strong wind from the west didn’t help things.

“That building is always open,” I mused. I hurried in where another soul was seeking refuge from the unforgiving rain.

“I’ll give it ten minutes.”

Ten minutes later, “I’ll give it another ten minutes.” I couldn’t see my house, but if I moved five metres into the rain, I would.

The pour turned to a trickle and as a brave but soaked girl walked past me, I made my move.

As I got wetter and wetter, I wished for one thing: the now famous Metroblogging Umbrella. That’s what I’m going to call it and I am dedicating this post to the original poster who brought that little umbrella into existence.

And as for me? I got home. I was soaked but I was home.

Hot Hot Heat Part 2

Someone please help me.

It’s half past midnight and I’m still awake. I can’t sleep because of this darned heat.

It’s just too hot in Toronto right now. According to CP24… sorry, it’s “” now… According to CityNews, it’s 28 degrees outside with a Humidex of 41 degrees.

I want ice cream. Could someone please get me some from Dutch Dreams. Aw Damn. They closed 27 minutes ago.

And it’s going to be like this the whole week. Hurray.

Stay cool, Toronto.

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