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6 Milliards d’Autres

Just barely survived the worst of the holiday rush. As if traffic, malls and parking lots are not treacherous enough the other 364 days of the year!!! Perhaps more people should contemplate the 6 billion others on the planet we share.

Yann Arthus-Bertrand is an awesome photographer. Both “The Earth From Above” and his latest “6 Billion Others” project are amazing.

Gordon Ball at Sleeping Giant – FRIDAY

Been waiting for this all week. Gordon Ball graces us with a visit from Montreal for his latest photo show at Sleeping Giant.


Never Enough Karsh

It’s always a pleasure to see a well crafted photo in person. PIKTO is providing a special treat in time for the film fest. Head down to their space and see a collection of Karsh portraits showing until November 6th. If you missed the exhibit at the McMichael this will be a great opportunity to see a great collection of Karsh’s famous portraits.

Diana Mini Maniac

I still shoot digital here and there but considering how fast photo “innovations” hit the streets I don’t mind looking to the past and simpler times. I’ve been a fan of half frame cameras and photographers who use them like Bob Kronbauer, Andy Mueller and Isaac Mckay-Randozzi for years. After drooling over these camera gizmos for some time but got my first one on ebay a few months back.

It’s nice getting twice as many pictures crammed on to a roll of film. The “relic” of a camera I hooked up was probably one of the best point and shoot cameras of 1962 and still works well today! The reality is that whether your camera is a metal, plastic or pinhole it’s a photographer’s imagination that’s at the soul of a good picture.

When Lomography announced the release of a new plastic half frame camera, the Diana Mini, I pounced. Their remake of the classic Diana is quite good but they seem to have out done themselves with this mini version. 120 (medium format film) is harder to come by so a cute 35mm version of a Diana is a welcome surprise.

Pocket-Diana Mini

The camera is in the mail, just in time to catch the madness at The Ex. For those allergic to carnies and mail order I’m sure that Urban Outfitters or the good people at PIKTO will be stocking the Diana Mini for your own photo adventure soon enough.

A Piece Of Photographic History

I’m a sucker for classic cameras. Waiting to get my hands on a piece of history , an Olympus PEN. In the age of megapixels and mega marketing one must remember a good camera still comes down to a good lens. A good photograph, doesn’t need even that, just the vision of a photographer. (I’ve seen plenty of amazing pictures with a plastic lens or no lens at all – using a pinhole)

The fact that a nearly 50 year old camera could still be functioning says a lot for the workmanship at that time. Its speedy 32mm f1.9 lens and ability to shoot 72 pictures on a roll of 36 film tips the film camera vs. digital balance for me. Not sure how many rolls of film I’ll get to put through this beauty but it will be a fun ride.

The People’s Paparazzi – TONIGHT at the Drake Hotel

The photographers have been assembled. Luis Mora, Take More Photos and others will be at the Drake Hotel for The People’s Paparazzi, a special event as part of the CONTACT Photography Festival. A creative experiment blending photography, performance art, fashion and a party vibe. Curator Vanessa Gronowski vision of bringing together Toronto photo bloggers, party goers and the creatively curious will take shape. Photos and flash bulbs will be popping all night and the 10 best photos of the night will be printed and exhibited for sale at the Drake General Store.

The Peoples Paparazzi @ The Drake Hotel
1150 Queen Street West
Thursday May 14
9PM in the Free Lounge

Luis Mora – Last Minute Art Show


I had the pleasure of catching up with CONTRA magazine contributing photographer Luis Mora in Hamilton last night. This Toronto vet had just a couple of days to put together a huge show. Damn! The aptly named “Last Minute Art Show” was Luis Mora’s addition to the Hamilton Art Crawl at the Assembly. The volume and quality of the work was impressive and considering that he put it together in less than a week it’s amazing.

The pieces are due to come down just as fast, probably by the end of this week. If you can’t make it down to Hamilton don’t fret. Luis will be one of 10 area photographers shown at the Drake Hotel’s “The People’s Paparazzi curated by Vanessa Gronowski and Studio Gallery. An exhibition part of this month’s CONTACT photography festival.

Luis Mora's massive collection of spraypaint stencils, sewn images and photography as part of the LAST MINUTE ART SHOW at the Assembly in Hamilton May 8th.

Luis Mora's massive collection of spraypaint stencils, sewn images and photography as part of the LAST MINUTE ART SHOW at the Assembly in Hamilton May 8th.

Life Without A Lens

Tomorrow is Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day! An interesting way to challenge the typical way of taking a photograph in the era of digital point and shoot cameras. Shooting digital or analog, people around the world will take part in this free international event created to promote and celebrate the art of pinhole photography.

I’m going to try and shoot some pinhole shots with my Lomography Diana+. I’ve been too busy (lazy) to drill a hole in an old camera body cap and fashion a pop can “pinhole lens” on to it. There are no “rules” but I thought keeping the my personal challenge on analog film would be fun.

The idea of taking pictures over several seconds (or even minutes) will be a change. A chance to sloooow down. The best part will be viewing pictures taken around the world using a tiny hole for a lens. The organizers encourage everyone around the world to submit images. Last year participants from over 60 countries submitted images to the gallery.

So try your hand at pinhole photography, be it a pop can, cigar box, old SLR, or modified digital camera. Pic your favourite image taken Sunday and share it with the world.

This is not a photo contest. There are no good or bad pictures. Every pinhole photograph is unique. Have fun!

Contra Magazine #3 Out Now

Toronto’s Contra Magazine has come out with a banging third issue. More visual stimulation if you haven’t had enough already with Fashion Week and the sunny rays of SPRING.

Tonight – EVERLEA At The Mod Club

Kingston’s Everlea are in Toronto tonight. I was first introduced to them through their work with amazing photographer Brooks Reynolds on WE ARE SLEEPING GIANTS.

A Brooks Reynolds still from WE ARE SLEEPING GIANTS, a collaboration with Kingston band Everlea.

A Brooks Reynolds still from WE ARE SLEEPING GIANTS, a collaboration with Kingston band Everlea.

Tuesday February 3, 2009
at Mod Club (722 College Street)
w/ Secondhand Serenade + Meg and Dia
Cost: $20

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