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Happy Birthday, Chicago Metblogs!

It’s a few days late, but I still remembered! Happy Birthday, Metroblogging Chi-town!

Metroblogging is Down! Technology Sucks!

Hiya Toronto! Metroblogging is down today, so commenting is offline. =0(

As I’ve been offline for the past week, this offline-ness went unnoticed by me. (I love english).

Posting entries are sporadic, and I’m not even sure that you’ll get to see this, but I’m writing it anyway ’cause I’m cool like that. My mom says so.

Hopefully our technical woes will be fixed momentarily.

Blogtrotting: MB OC

Congratulations once again to Metroblogging Orange County. I guess most of the thanks goes to the Anaheim Ducks who became the first team on the West Coast to win the Stanley Cup.

Senators lose Stanley Cup Finals

O.C. Metblogs, congrats! Anaheim takes the Cup! Everyone’s happy! Even Sheryl!

Great series, save that last game…

Why Facebook is the Greatest, Reason #1

Just kidding. I still don’t like it, what with people constantly poking you… and the site isn’t particularly specific on how people are doing the poking, with what and where. However, less than 11 hours of declaring my great unlove of Facebook, Metroblogging creates its own Facebook group.

Blogtrotting: MB Azeroth

WoW! For those of you who don’t know, there’s a very active community of World of Warcraft players residing in Metroblogging. There’s a lot of them, so much so that Metroblogging created a site just for them: Metroblogging Azeroth.

Blogtrotting: MB Orlando

“Because they make better wallets.”

CN Tower Peeks Out

The CN Tower is so excited about its new lighting scheme, it has to peek out from its hiding place to see if anyone has heard the great news while it gets itself gussied up.

When I read arvin’s post, I thought of this photo I shot for 24 hours of Flickr on May 5th.

Our Tower is such a star, there’s even a Flickr group devoted to it, called what else: CN Tower.

Senators 0, Ducks 1

Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final goes to the quackers. Dammit. It’s only one game, so don’t you be imagining me infront of Queen’s Park just yet, O.C.

Blogtrotting: Thank You Project @ MB Melbourne

You have about 4 days to go!

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