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Best Bar/Lounge + Restaurant

In response to the comment on my previous entry about not much to do in the evenings, I’d have to say that everyone should head down to the Orbit Room, whenever they can. It’s one of the best times you’ll have in a relaxed, mature environment with some of the best jazz and soul music playing this side of the continent.

Also it’s very conveniently located in Little Italy with some of the best eats in Toronto. So just before a late night out, grab a meal at one of the best fine dining experiences you’ll have at Coco Lezzone. Highly recommended is the cheese platter and beef carpaccio.

My favourites hitting it up over there at Orbit show up every Wednesday night. Arrive early, they pack a full house.

What are some of your favourite weeknight spots?

Best Hairstylist

As far as hair cuts go, I have to recommend Salon Escape.

Whenever I want a good hair cut, I go here. Although pricey, it costs me about $60 (with tip) to get my hair done by Paul. I’ve never used any of the other stylists there, so I recommend Paul. But they’re probably all of equal caliber.

If I get my hair done here every 3 months or so, I can go to a cheaper, neighbourhood shop in the meantime, just for a trim.

But when I want to look fabulous, I’ll go to Salon Escape, as I did today since I have a job interview coming up next week.

They’re located at 132 Cumberland Street, 2nd Floor, but I’d call for an appointment first since it usually takes me a few days to get my appointment.

Best of Coffee

Nothing says “Good morning Toronto!” like a good ol’ large double double Tim’s! OK, so it’s a pretty plain Jane version of the fancy-schmancy Starbucks offerings, but a Canadian icon and certainly a Toronto landmark nonetheless.

When we lived in the US, my husband and I would beeline to the nearest Tim Hortons (us locals endearingly refer to it simply as Tim’s) the second we crossed the border during our numerous trips home to visit family.

And now with Wendy’s International recent announcement of Tim’s going IPO, there just might be some good cash involved here. Ain’t coffee sweet!

Best of Wings

doubledouble.jpgIn keeping with Halai’s “best of”, this place has got the best chicken wings that we’ve had in the city.

We’ve tried lots of other spots – even those best known for their chicken wings, but this place is great, even though it’s mainly a pizza place.

I don’t know if all locations are as good as this one, but if you’re ever around Sheppard and Wilson Heights, go get some.

Best Tourist Trap

This one was a tough one but I’m going to go with the CN Tower.

Yes, I know it is an icon of Toronto. Especially the city line and I would never say that it doesn’t look beautiful as it is a true, visual symbol of what I call ‘Home!’

But to enter it and take part in it’s tour, rides and restaurant is a whole ‘nother level of being overly priced and a true rip-off.

I can’t remember the last time I visited the CN Tower but I hear that the prices are now ridiculous.

When an out of town guest comes to visit, I always wait for them to ask to be taken to the CN Tower. It’s not something I would volunteer unless they express true interest.

The CN Tower… truly a cool view from the outside. But from the inside… an utterly horrific tourist trap.

Best Radio Station

Undoubtedly 99.1 CBC Radio. Everything else is painful.

The only music channel I can bear to deal with (even though I’m still in my 20’s) is 1050 AM. Everything else is garbage and and besides, anywhere else, for every one song played, you have to listen to ten commercials. Not worth my time.

Their show, “The Current” stands as a beacon. In the clutter of news, this crisp, probing show reveals on a daily basis what you didn’t know you needed to know.

If anyone mentions 680 news or Q107, I’ll vomit.

Best View of Town

This has to be a tossup between Canoe on top of the TD Centre at the 54th floow and Panorama on top of the Manulife Centre on the 51st floor. Both of them are pleasant evening lounges, Canoe caters more to the corporate clientele whereas Panorama caters more to the young yuppies looking to take their dates out for a fine experience. I personally liked hanging out at Canoe more than Panorama though, but the view is just breathtaking from both ends.

And whoever thinks that the view from the CN tower is better, give these two places a try first and you’ll regret the $20+ you paid to go up an elevator on an antenna.

Best After Hours Hangout – 7West

7 West is located just off Yonge St., one block south of Bloor in a narrow converted house. It might be a bit easy to miss, so look for the big “7 West” banner hanging from the 2nd floor.

The crowd is a mix of locals, clubbers or university students depending on the time of day (or night) you visit. The place still has a dark, cozy feeling to it where you can linger over a bottle of wine, or cappuccino, or pick something from their affordable menu.

Best Dessert – Future Bakery

Future Bakery – the noisy atmosphere, the superb selection of desserts and cakes, the mull of students and chic hipsters and metrosexuals abound make this place one of the best sugar eateries in town. Open and accessible at nearly all hours of the day.

483 Bloor St. W., just west of Spadina.

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