Streetcar Collisions — No Big Deal

On Monday, June 23, 2008, Adam Giambrone, Chair of the TTC, and a duly elected Toronto Councillor, stated to a Toronto Star reporter that these things happen from time to time. What things, you ask? Streetcar collisions. Really? Until about 8 months ago, I don’t recall ever hearing about a streetcar collision, crash, accident, except for poles coming off wires. Apparently, three collisions in less than a year are not enough to get Mr. Giambrone’s feathers ruffled. After all they only sent four on Saturday, seven on June 11th, and I’m not sure how many in the first instance. Only a dozen or so injuries. No big deal, according to the TTC Chair. Now granted, he’s a young pup, and this being his first adult experience with streetcars, maybe he thinks these sorts of things are normal. But Mr. Giambrone, they’re not.

Hopefully, I, or any of you, will not be in the next streetcar that goes BANG into its fellow streetcar. But rest assured that if you’re injured in such a collision, as long as it happens in the next 2 weeks — Mr. Giambrone’s time frame for getting concerned — then you’ll contribute to him thinking that maybe this is a problem. You’ll probably have to wait for one more collision for him to then decide to tackle said problem.

Meanwhile I continue to be baffled how streetcars can run into each other. Perhaps manual switches may have been a pain, especially in the wind and cold and rain, for drivers to get out and switch, but they seem to have ensured no collisions all these years. Either that or they’re not training drivers very well. Given the diminishing level of service, I suspect a combo of the two. But until Mr. Giambrone gets off his young ass and investigates, we’ll never know.

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