Spring Has Sprung

Well, I could write about the TTC, about how the union wants the Mayor or the TTC Chair to take over negotiations, which they would of course because the union can easily pound them into flat meat and get a “yes, whatever you want” from either of them, thus guaranteeing another fare hike. Or I could vent about the new ginormous blue boxes, whose blight on the urban landscape is easily discernible to anyone driving from east to west, from blight to friendly, and whose sizes makes one pause about how serious Toronto is about reducing waste production — just because it’s recyclable doesn’t make it more virtuous than trash that gets landfilled or, more enlightened, made useful by being turned into electricity (now that’s high-tech recycling for you!). All waste comes from consumption; all waste requires power and materials to be manufactured in the first place, and recyclables need power again to be turned into something else that will then again be put into the waste bin.

Instead, I’ll just show you the best part of spring.

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  1. jinei on April 21st, 2008 @ 11:58 am

    These guys (TTC) have to be the luckiest bastards in the city of T.O. These people are earning 20-25/hour and an annual wage increase of 3% makes every fast food worker on low-wage for a run in the mill.. Perhaps their complaints of being in the night shift isn’t any worse as our troops being dispatched to Iraq or your local 24-hour convenience store around the corner for a potential hold em’ up drive-by. Heck, we even see lots of deaths even on daylight for natural and stupid causes alike. I have to appraise these folks for having the easiest persuasion to ask for a pay raise; great strategy there guys! Maybe you should’ve asked for a 5% increase so that we’ll never have to put innocent bystanders in your demands there.

  2. talk talk talk (tor_pario) on April 21st, 2008 @ 5:31 pm

    I gotta wonder why management bothers to negotiate, why they don’t just sign on the dotted line when the union makes its demands because after all the talk of an impending strike that the media slathers over, that’s all they do — give the union what it asks for and get nothing in return. Oh well, I guess they do it to give the media a nice long stretch of stories to stress people out.

    It was bad enough they got well-above-inflation pay hike, but to be given a guarantee to be the highest paid — what is this union ego tripping, endorsed by management, who have lost their friggin’ minds! — is a guarantee of fare hikes ad nauseum to come.

    The union cautions the membership have to ratify it, as if it’s not a golden platter for this lazy bunch who give less and less service every year, costing us and the city more and more money to get around their lazy asses to somehow provide the same level of service another way. The TTC used to be a service we Torontonians could crow about. Ha! Not anymore!!

    This golden platter offer will cost the TTC $140 million, yet the city recently asked the TTC to cut $100 million, but the Mayor and the TTC Chair both claim this will not hike fares. They obviously flunked math but their teachers must’ve been budding city managers, giving them a free pass for doing no work.

    We need a Margaret Thatcher to break the unions and bring sanity back to our public services. If we have to endure a good long strike for that, so be it. We would save a lot of money and get better service in the long run.

    BTW they earn $26.50 NOW. Our soldiers in Afghanistan I’m pretty sure earn considerably less. And our soldiers are dedicated, brave, and take pride in serving their fellow citizens.

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