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The Music is So Close But… soooo far away!!!

One of my favourite times for live Music in the city is here. CANADIAN MUSIC WEEK! Ah but work, school and life conflicts will mean I will miss all of this years shows. Such is life (even when I’ve busted out hard cash for a wristband to catch the action during the fest)…

Well if I can’t see some of my favourites like Julie Doiron, The Besnard Lakes, Sloan or The Breeders I can only encourage you NOT to do the same.

Of course there are 500 Canadian and International artists playing at 41 venues in the city. Best pick at least one and hang on for the ride. You may not get back in if you leave. Trust me.

Not sure where to start? My choice picks during the CMW (that I have to miss…GRRR… but you don’t) are Burlington’s Saint Alvia Cartel, Montreal’s SoCalled, Raised by Swans, Volcanoless in Canada, Toronto’s own Colin Munroe, and Grand Analog.  Even Jenny Omnichord (just because I miss Lederhosen Lucil)…

Canadian Music Week – March 5th – 8th

Women to Women

A friend of mine is a walker and she told me about an event this coming International Women’s Day at the Glenn Gould Studio. It sounded cool and as someone who’s interested in Women’s Issues, I implore you to check it out online @

A bunch of folks are going to be there from “Evelyn Hart, poet Karen Haffey, and storyteller and event coordinator Sue Kenney. Kiernan Antares will perform an author reading accompanied by a drummer, and dancers from the Vesnianka Ukrainian Dance Ensenble will perform. Anna MacKay-Smith is the Director of the Women To Women show.”

Anyway, it’s $45 a ticket. See you there.

A New Look, New Back End for Metblogs

Yay! Metblogs has moved to a saner platform. No more excrrrrruuuuuciatinglllllyyyyyyyy sllooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwww postings, where waiting is the name of the game. No more having to wrap one’s brain around a post with html tags all over the place and trying to proof it before clicking “publish.” No more wrestling with the blooming images. We’ve entered the 21st century, and we have WYSIWYG!!!

Can you tell I’m not a code fan? And definitely not a Movable Type fan. Now when you leave a comment, you won’t have to go drink a cup of coffee then come back to see if it took. You get instant verification. Well, OK, not instant, but speaking relative to the old format, it’s pretty instant!

I hope you all like the new Metblogs look, even with its early-incarnation weirdness. I know I much prefer the new back end. And now with a friendlier blogging platform, I urge anyone who was thinking they may, just might, be able to blog for Toronto Metblogs if it wasn’t for such a convoluted platform, to step forward. You can now. It’s safe!

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