New Hydro Euphemisms to Increase Your Bill

Have you looked at your Toronto Hydro bill recently?

There’s a new charge on it called the “Lost Revenue Adjustment Charge.” Gotta love that euphemism. It’s code for we’re charging you for conserving energy.

First they complain we’re energy hogs and we’re about to crash the entire grid, then they say they won’t be able to keep up with future demand as the province has been too slow in replacing aging generators, then they whine about our conservation efforts and get the bureaucrats to devise a brand-new charge while, at the same time, reduce electricity rates.

Next new charge, right below that one, is one called the “Shared Savings Charge.” Shared. Isn’t that a feel-good word meaning “you pay sucker!” That one is higher than the LRAC. And apparently by charging me for nothing to do with electricity generation or distribution they’re giving my electricity distributor an incentive to conserve. Huh? I thought the LRAC was their incentive. Besides, what about my incentive? My mistake. Hydro deserves it more.

It gets better. If you decided to ignore those pesky electricity retailers, then Hydro is charging you 25 cents per 30 days for being so lackadaisical; on top of that, they’ve discovered those smart meters are expensive and are passing the cost on to you. (It must be because unlike it taking 10 Hydro guys to wire up your house, it takes 20 to plunk on a smart meter.) And the Bank of Canada says there’s hardly any inflation.

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  1. Joe (unregistered) on November 29th, 2007 @ 12:02 am

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