Inquest in the Air?

Looks like Jack Layton (MP Toronto/Danforth) is backing Liberal demands to look deeper into the $300,000 lobbying deal with Brian Mulroney. Of course this topic is a hot one as Karlheinz Schreiber was one of the key figures who helped Brian Mulroney undermine Joe Clark early on his rise to PM. Schreiber is also a wheeler-dealer who has been a lobbyist, fundraiser, arms dealer, businessman and at one time even worked for the Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) or West German intelligence service. Not liked or trusted by many. These allegations are taking root despite many peoples dislike for Mr. Schreiber, not excluding Brian Mulroney.

Perhaps key to the situation is the fact that taxpayers have already paid 2.1 million dollars on the assumption that Brian Mulroney “had no dealings whatsoever” with Mr Schreiber. Taxpayers should be ready for more cash out the door. The grandstanding has begun and for some unknown reason the PM is stalling any talk of an inquest. Let Canadians find out whether Mulroney is guilty or not. An inquest wont be cheap but any further stalling will only have the spectators crying for more blood. Perhaps the opposition is doing the right thing this time.

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