Billable Hours

What do you do to relax on a Sunday night?

I watch Billable Hours, the funniest comedy in Canada. Yeah, that’s right, funnier than Brent Butt’s Corner Gas. And that’s a freakingly funny show.

Showcase has spent much in advertising for this show, so I don’t understand why more people aren’t watching it. I mean, they film it in Toronto, fer chrissake. It’s even set here.

A scientific survey conducted by the best minds in the industry (okay, it’s me asking my friends) showed that less than 10 percent of those polled watch the show. Fully 50 percent have never even heard of it. You know what that means? My friends have terrible taste in television.

They’re on the second season and it’s a heckuvalot funnier than the first.

“They got some good mags? Warming lube?”

And for the true fans, I leave you with a parthian shot: “I’ll let you lick my eye.”

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