Blogtrotting: Guardian Angels on MB Vancity

Torontonians are familiar with the Guardian Angels. They’ve been here before, and actually set up shop in Toronto last year, amidst our growing (and still escalating) gun problem.

Seems like they’re on a recruiting tear in Vancouver as well.

All I know of them is what I read in the paper or watch on the nightly news. The city doesn’t seem to like having them around. Personally, if they’re willing to walk the beat at Jane and Finch to try and keep the peace, more power to them. But I don’t think they’ll be doing that any time soon.

How do I choose which blog to check out? It’s random. Though it seems like I choose the same ones, like Vancouver. Of course, like any computer generated randomosity (yeah, that’s a word), it’s not really random. Read more about random number generators at wikipedia. So, when I tell the computer to spit out a random blog, it’s not really random… which is why I’m writing about Vancouver again.

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