Metroblogging is Down! Technology Sucks!

Hiya Toronto! Metroblogging is down today, so commenting is offline. =0(

As I’ve been offline for the past week, this offline-ness went unnoticed by me. (I love english).

Posting entries are sporadic, and I’m not even sure that you’ll get to see this, but I’m writing it anyway ’cause I’m cool like that. My mom says so.

Hopefully our technical woes will be fixed momentarily.

If anyone is interested in finding out what happened, apparently the rainstorm that hit Toronto yesterday travelled all the way to whereever it is the Metblogs servers are housed, took down trees, ran a tantrum and wrote down names. Oh yeah, you bet she’s taking names.

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  1. Saf (unregistered) on June 21st, 2007 @ 3:03 pm

    yea, bummer on the storm…surprised it came tht strong unexpectedly. Anyways need some help and info. There’s some Iranian and Lebanese communities all over the place. Do u know where there’s like a lot of shops of them in Toronto? I know there’s a Little Lebanon(though not official) in Scarborough. Anything close to that somewhere north of Downtown or anywhere else in Toronto? Thanks.

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