The Budget Is Out… Are The Gloves Off?

Gee has anyone finished reading the 478 page budget yet?

I guess a few people have skimmed it. The Bloc seem to be OK with it (more money for Quebec is MORE MONEY FOR QUEBEC). St├ęphane Dion and the Liberals don’t like it too much. Toronto’s Jack Layton and the NDP. Even Elizabeth May, leader of the Green Party didn’t have many kind words calling it “a budget that is heavy on public relations but lacking any real substance when it comes to the key issues”. So does this mean that the gloves are off and an election will be called due to a non-confidence vote?

In my opinion the budget (from what I’ve read so far…) has some good points but falls flat. A total shell game shuffle paying lip service to issues of the moment. To talk of “re-balancing” the budget??? The budget has been balanced, hence the MASSIVE SURPLUS the previous governments enjoyed before. That was actually the one thing the Liberals didn’t screw up. This budget seems to once again blow the savings account to pay the mortage (DEBT – again) and spend barely enough on what we need to spend on (HEALTHCARE, ENVIRONMENT, and INFRASTRUCTURE). My retired friend is already calling for the PC downfall as his taxes actually have gone up and this budget gives him no relief. Not sure I’m there yet but this wishy washy budget isn’t winning the votes they thought spin doctors thought they would. Better luck next time???

Should some kind of coalition government better be formed and quick? Don’t know that a PC/BLOC would fare better than a NDP/LIBERAL/GREEN or whatever. Doubt that will happen though. Layton seems to want the spotlight to himself, Duceppe would still want to separate, and Dion??? Has MacKay sold his soul to win a cushy seat? Is Stevie H really so bad… You be the judge. I think they all of these characters should learn to play together a bit better.

Whatever happens the current political climate means some stormy weather ahead. Canada is going to have a minority government for some time and it’s anyone’s guess who will be driving the country (hopefully forward and not into the ground). I don’t care if you wear Orange, Red, Green or Blue on your home ice. This is the All-Star game! Play as a team or get sent to the minors once the election hits. It’s been over a year and you haven’t even scored any points yet!!!

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  1. Nick Pappas (unregistered) on March 20th, 2007 @ 10:45 am

    Don’t entirely agree you swoononeone. This budget is one of the most Infrastructure intensive budgets to date (probably because we’ve UNDERspent over the years). The real issue is the transfers and the amount spent on the debt. The Conservatives will like have bought enough seats (Bloc Quebecois) to hold power since the Quebec payoff, I mean transfer payments, are substantial. There’s your “Coalition” bought with a slush fund (about two thirds of the increases in “equalization payments” are earmarked for Quebec).

    Paying down another 9 Billion in debt at time when the U.S. (and perhaps Canada) is sliding toward recession is insulting. This leaves no wiggle room and should things go bad the government will go into deficit for the first time in a LOOOOONG TIME! It will be bye-bye surplus and more people will be living off the system. The prosperity felt up to now meant, people were doing relatively well and so paid taxes. When the party’s over it wont be pretty. Looking at the two budgets the government done a minimum of social spending and will have spent 22 Billion on debt reduction (13B last budget, 9B on this one). It’s not as though debt reduction has been missing prior to this government. The current budget is forecasted already to have ZERO surplus by next year. Simply over the top!

    In the end we are paying a little bit less tax but are receiving fewer and fewer government services/programs. The reality is that’s a really crafty TAX INCREASE!!! A shell game indeed! Where are the real tax cuts for everyday people? A 14 Billion surplus with 9 Billion applied to debt???!!! I’d rather buy groceries than prepay 2 months rent (Canada has been repaying 1-3 Billion worth of debt per year far more than most G8 countries why TRIPLE that???)

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