PM Motivational Speech

You may have heard that Prime Minister Stephen Harper was in town as part of an “election preparedness” training session. Sounds more like a Tony Robbin’s style campaign kick off. Canadian politics seems to have taken new lows with this and U.S. style attack ads.

Be sure, I’m not really a fan of any of the so called “front running” parties be they Conservative, NDP, Liberal or Green. The formation of the little mentioned Progressive Canadian Party was an interesting development after the merger of the Alliance Party and Progressive Conservatives.

The upcoming budget will be an interesting development. The last thing people want to have to deal with is another election and it appears that we may get one and soon. The current Conservatives may not be as bad as the Chretien Liberals but are almost hungry for a “legacy”.

The stats so far…?

– 1% cut in GST (not bad).

– cut all programs for the Environment that were “Liberal”, do nothing to replace them, but then jump the environmental bandwagon

– focus on “reform” (Same Sex Marriage, Crime, changes to Senate and Legal System)

– cabinent reshuffle (Rona Ambrose is a great MP but had a weak environmnetal platform to stand on)

– Income Trust taxation flip flop

– 225 Million to preserve ecologically sensitive lands

– Accountability Act (good but some Conservative MP’s were still given positions based on their special interest contacts and contracts handed out without tender)

– Hospital wait time promise (some commitments made but blame has been downloaded on Provinces for not fufilling the promise)

– Money for Ontario Transit (Awesome!)

More of a “C” grade, and it will be interesting what happens next.

In the end your best vote for the candidate best prepared to represent (or has best represented) your local riding. Whomever gets in this time around better recognize that they will have to lead by CONSENSUS whether there is a minority government or not. There’s been far too little accomplished and not due to the usual “bickering”. Pretty sure that the countdown to election will kick off before Spring hits…

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  1. Nick Pappas (unregistered) on March 18th, 2007 @ 7:14 pm

    Remember that this is a shell game and a familiar one at that. Jim F was part of the Mike Harris government famous for its own tax cuts. The “common sense revolution” gave families about $2,000 a year back in taxes but also meant all of your government services cost more(e.g. a partly sold off/privatized Hydro meant higher electricity costs).

    This time around look for about $200 per wage earner and investors may get some more breaks on capital gains. On a personal scale no big deal but that’s about $5 BILLION out of a $9 billion surplus out of the government’s hands. Whether it’s social program funding, debt repayment or ??? It’s our money after all but $200 is better invested in ourselves (and I don’t mean for a new cell phone).

    Wait and see. Everyone will applaud the “free money”, much like your “not bad” GST cut and wonder why the government surplus is smaller still or worse goes into deficit. I mean with 3.6 billion in new spending announcements since January and this budget the Conservatives are buying your votes with your own cash left and right. Will the opposition fight back? Will people see through this game? Nope! Even if there is an election look for more wasted time and money on “attack ads” and another minority Conservative government.

  2. swoononeone (unregistered) on March 18th, 2007 @ 9:20 pm

    Didn’t realize that the latest promises/commitments stacked up to 3.6 Billion. Wow. From transit to Vimy to the environment that’s a bunch of “random” spending. LoL. If it works the political strategic planners are on the Money (quite literally).

    Well Nick we have to see what the budget IS when it’s released tomorrow and what the opposition and public think of it. This is definitely a Minority government ruled by polls though. The first mention of a poll putting them in front meant they could go to candidate school and release this budget. I’m sure any other party would be the same. Doubt they would have been stupid enough to do this earlier say when they were nearly tied with the Liberals without a leader (talk about voter apathy…). NOBODY WANTS AN ELECTION! This budget hostage measure might backfire it might not?

    I tend to hold Ms. and Mr. Public on higher ground. If this budget truly stinks the Conservatives will be out and another minority in there. If no one thinks they have failed they’ll be back and (I agree) as another minority government.

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