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Metblogs welcomes Silicon Valley

So most people who live outside the US who have heard the term Silcon Valley, don’t really know that the actual town it’s in is San Jose. Well good thing you read Metroblogging, as San Jose, California just became the 53rd city to join the global network of blogs thinking globally and blogging locally. It’s also the fifth city in California to join the ranks so go on over and say hi to them.

Blizzard 2007!

OK, everyone talks about the weather in Toronto, so who wants to read about it here, eh? But after the winter that wasn’t a winter morphing into icy winds and a few small snowfalls here and there, I just gotta celebrate Toronto’s blizzard of the year. Finally we have had a real Canadian snow dump here in the snow-free side of Lake Ontario! And here is how it all began.

To see how it ended, check out my Flickr Blizzard set, a microcosm of my blizzard experience.

Blizzard 2007 – a photoset on Flickr

St. Clair & Mt. Pleasant House Explosion

Details are a little sketchy at the moment, but we do know that it’s at least a 3 alarm fire, an apparent gas explosion, near the intersection of St. Clair Ave East and Mount Pleasant road.

More information as details trickle in.

Moscoe and the Disabled – News – Scrap disabled parking system: Moscoe

Howard Moscoe is being controversial again. This time he’s targetting disabled permit holders. Is no sacred cow too sacred for him?

Any self-respecting Torontonian will storm towards an abuser of those disabled parking spaces in lots and righteously yell at them. Any self-respecting Torontonian knows how to spot a disabled person — they’re in wheelchairs — and so know who to yell at. And so any self-respecting Torontonian would be appalled at Moscoe’s idea of requiring disabled drivers, who already have to battle the able-bodied for their spots in lots and who struggle with doors and steps once they leave their cars, to pay for their parking. Too bad I’m not a self-respecting Torontonian.

It deserves a name!
What name would you give to this classic hotrod?
(Spotted in the Kennedy station area)

Spaghetti and No Balls?


An interesting fundraiser for the SPCA. A special dinner event has been created to help pay to spay/neuter pets for those who may not be able to afford to. Some feel that this practice is unhumane but it’s far better than simply “killing” litters of kittens or puppies (as they do in Hamilton) if people can’t adopt them or take care of new little ones.

The Thursday after the “special day”…

Spay-ghetti and No Balls Dinner
Highway Gospel Church
530 Midland Avenue
Scarborough, ON
(Midland – South of St. Clair)
$15 gets you Spaghetti, salad, bread and a dessert!

Why did the dog do that?

I don’t often haul off to rarely visited parts of the city, especially on a chilly morning, but I sometimes see the oddest things when I do. And I wonder about them. Why did the dog do that?

The Votes are in… Not much has changed…

There were three byelections Thursday. Neither of the races were critical to bring MASSIVE CHANGE to Queen’s Park. (where they’re all hiding from this winter weather… I mean ajourned until March 19th)

And the winners are…

York South-Weston – New Democrats – Paul Ferreira
Markham – Liberals – Michael Chan
Burington – Conservatives – Joyce Savoline

Only one seat changed hands (York South-Weston) so the final score is…

Liberals 69
Tories 24
NDP 10

The saddest thing was the turnout…hmm Every byelection had votes cast by less than 20% of the riding!!!

So if you were in one of those ridings and DID vote you spoke for 6 to 10 others who stayed home. Pretty sad… but true.

FTB, TTC Conductor Style

It’s 13:16. The snow squeaks underfoot, and underground the subways roll. We’re in car 5060. It’s one of the new ones. The doors slide open. People flow out and people flow in. There’s nowhere to sit. They grab poles and lean against glass dividers. Only two seats remain, upended and locked behind the conductor’s cab door. We lurch forward. The conductor closes his window. He locks the handle. He removes the keys. And stands to watch the station roll by. His nose is ever so slightly hooked. His mouth is a thin line. White silvers his black short-back-and-sides hair. A sparse fringe flies to the left and right of his forehead. He looks down the length of car number 5060. Everyone looks back but for the white-haired couple seated almost beneath him, twittering to each other, heads close together. The blackness of the tunnel envelops our car. He turns towards his conductor’s cab. He walks past the front edge of the door that is locked to the couple’s seat. He disappears into the cab. The door remains open and locked. The two empty seats remain upended and unoccupied. It’s 13:17.

City #52: Pittsburgh

In celebration of new Metroblogging City, Pittsburgh, I present you with

Top 10 Things I Know About Pittsburgh

1) Penguins
2) Steelers
3) Pirates
4) Panthers
5) Liberty Bell
6) Sixers
7) I-376
8) Mifflin (hehe… Mifflin)
9) Phipps
10) PAT

In all fairness to our newest Metroblogging Sister City, #5 and #6 are from Philly, but I didn’t want to admit I only knew 8 things about Philly, I mean Pittsburgh. Can’t wait to read and learn more about Philly Pittsburgh.


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