Call For Authors

Metroblogging Toronto is growing. To accommodate this growth, we need new authors to write and delight. In short, we need you.

We’re looking for people who love living in our large and friendly metropolis. People who know Toronto like the back of their hand… or are willing to learn.

We’re looking for people who know how to turn a phrase. We’re looking for people who can, nay, WILL dedicate themselves to Hogtown, its culture, its people–and willing to write about it.

What’s in it for me, you ask? Fame and possibly some fortune! The good kind, like in a cookie.

You’ll be writing often, so you need to be committed. But who wouldn’t want to write about York? This is the Centre of the Universe afterall!

If you’re interested in joining the intrepid and dysfunctional staff at Metroblogging Toronto, send a writing sample in the body of your email to notarvin&#43me @ by March 11, 2007. While you’re at it, tell us why you want to write for Metroblogging Toronto. Is it for fame or the promise of hidden pirate treasure? ‘Cause I know nothing about a hidden pirate cove on Lake Ontario. I swear! No attachments please ’cause viruses suck smelly farts out of dead chickens’ assholes.

Be as long-winded as you want, but be reasonable. We tend to fall asleep after 500 words or so.

Be witty, be innovative, be informative, and most of all be you.

NB: Space is limited so act now. Promise of fortune cookie and pirate treasure may not actually be true. Face it, there’s no treasure. Let it go.

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