Escalator Closed at Sheppard Subway

Where else but on the TTC would a 7-month escalator refurbishment schedule be considered OK? No commercial establishment — no mall, no retail store, no hospital — would even think of taking this long, yet the TTC doesn’t blink an eyelash when it says that it’s OK to severely inconvenience customers in this way because (a) it saves money and (b) the poor dears just don’t know what parts to order until they take it apart. And as we all know parts take time to arrive. Hence all those fenced-off escalators with nary a worker in sight.

Given that the TTC has 294 escalators, which regularly break down and are systematically undergoing refurbishment, is it not logical to have their own storehouse of parts that they can quickly dip into when the need arises? Apparently not.

Apparently Sheppard having an elevator (slow, not big enough to accommodate many, and not always reliable) makes it OK to close both escalators from 13 November 2006 to 18 May 2007, more than half a year. Apparently, it’s more acceptable to make it harder for the customers, especially the less than able-bodied, to use the TTC than to keep a stash of parts in stock. And Howard Moscoe thinks the priority is to make our subway trains driverless.

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  1. Abbas Halai (unregistered) on November 23rd, 2006 @ 4:40 pm

    all i can say is good luck to the folks trying to move around rush hour.

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