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Extreme Takeover

It’s done. Xstrata’s shareholders have approved the $18 billion takeover of Falconbridge! Wow Falconbridge stock inched up on the Toronto Stock Exchange with the news and has already more than doubled since October last year…

The feeding frenzy is far from over out there… Other big ticket Canadian company foreign takeovers are still looming.


I was tempted to check out Wakestock this year with Constantines and Sloan both playing on the stages. Even an SBC skatepark built for the event couldn’t bring me out to Centre Island… The weather must have been perfect.

Anybody go the festivities? Did I “miss out” yet again this year???

Party: Blackout

This weekend’s Pedestrian Sunday in Kensington celebrates THE TORONTO BLACKOUT. Remember that blackout summer 3 years ago when everyone had to live “off-the-grid”. Many bonds were formed and people actually met some of their neighbours for the first time. It was for some, a healthy change from the norm, despite a bad situation.

In this spirit of positivity (despite the lack of hydro…) Pedestrian Sunday this week rocks out with acoustic music and hand made goodies. You can even make a double date and check out the Chinatown Festival just around the way…

New rules

My favourite post so far on Metroblogging London about the ‘almost’ terrorist attack is this one titled Clear Skies. Just the thought that an empty sky can tell you something is wrong… well it’s something fitting for a movie.

To summarize the current report given by the CBC, the following are restricted from all Canadian flights:
(by the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority)

* drinks
* shampoo
* suntan lotion
* creams
* toothpaste
* hair gel

In Ottawa the sale of drinks past the check-in point (and from pop machines as well) have currently been banned. So far our Transport Minister has said that this will only be a 72 hour ban. (Though of course it could become law they hinted.)

Within Britain apparently all carry on luggage is banned for now.

History outside your door… #4

The Toronto Argonauts.

I’m not much of a football fan but I was wondering how the Argo’s got their name so I decided to look it up. Back in 1872, the Orioles, (a group of amateur rowers), came together to form the Argonaut Rowing Club. The name, clearly taken from the Greek myths and the colours chosen for use were light and dark blue. In 1873, these people started the Argonaut Rugby Football Club after “citing the need to maintain and increase personal fitness levels when conditions on Lake Ontario were too rough to row.”

So now you know!


No, not a post about the image file format. Rather, the Toronto International Film Festival! It arrives Thursday the 7th of September and runs to Saturday the 16th.

I have never gone to any of these films and keep getting upset at missing both these, the Fringe fest and the Short Film Festival so my knowledge of these events and “how they work” is quite limited. There is a site however that prides itself as being the “online meeting place for fans of TIFF” titled Tiffreviews. Going there, you can link up with coming titles, photos, reviews of the people working on them, on-going stories, rumours etc.

Anyone have any TIFF hints to drop?

Story idea suggested by Ray.

Inspired by words…

Curled up on the stoop tonight with a small stack of books. Glad that lounging out there didn’t have me melt into the pages… Phew, the virus like humidy has lifted! Always impressed with lindsay zier-vogel’s creations. She’s a regular at the Tornto Small Press Book Fair. Going over one of her first hand-made books tonight has me itching for the latest…

Sonic (a bit older) Youth

I can only remember Lee Ranaldo’s hair ever being grey. I cannot imagine Kim Gorden not pinwheeling away on stage nor Thurston Moore being less flexible. (The other two, well I don’t remember their names) Well, on all scorecards last night, Sonic Youth are still a roaring success!

Shadowy Lee, translucent Thurston, fiery Kim and a trans mutated drummer – Sonic Youth @ the Kool Haus.


Metroblogging message boards!

The Canadian Maple Leaf Gardens Superstore


Was walking along Carlton today and I didn’t even notice the Maple Leaf Gardens until my second pass. Then I noticed the ad for the Superstore. Then I remembered that they’re turning this wonderful piece of history into a supermarket.


I wish I had taken a picture of the boarded up doors. I wish I had taken a picture before they gutted the place. I wish I had gone to more Leafs games in the old girl.

The plan is to have the Real Canadian Superstore open this year.


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