Love / Hate about the TTC – a suggestion

Let me start off by saying that I live and work on Eglinton Ave East and take the bus almost every day. Eglinton is blessed with an almost constant stream of #34’s going from Kennedy Station to the Eglinton East Station. I can’t complain for a lack of buses on this line during peak times. And even during non-peak, early AM times it isn’t too bad. I know I could always dream about the longed for Eglinton Subway but that is still a far off dream an out of work city planner is having. (Out of work because no one working right now seems to be taking this proposal seriously.)

From the corner of Don Mills and Eglinton you can see pretty far west, all the way to Leslie. When a bus is coming it is very apparent. Newer style buses have a bright-orange coloured text announcing the route name and number. They also have these piercing blue lights up top. These announce very clearly that a bus is coming coupled with the fact that the bus is in the right hand lane. You step out of your 1am shelter and shuffle over to the stop, only to hear the sighs as the 3rd “Not in Service” bus rolls by.

Please for the sake of all of our hopes (hope is a very good thing) turn off the blue lights at least when the bus is not in service. This is not a big thing to ask, nor a costly change if any change is needed. But it would be a nice improvement. We could call it an improvement in communication.

I beg you!

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