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The Offer

I wrote some time ago about attending the Toronto Bridal Show with my fiance. It was fun and funny to see what some people will spend on their ‘day’, and like most couples we picked up brochures, got some ideas and left the day with sore feet. Along with most of them we also filled out some of the “free prize draw” slips throughout the day. Well, we received a call from “Table Charm” letting us know that we had won a free trip! It sure does sound exciting, but this had happened to me before.

Let me explain:

Torn by Choices? MUSIC or MUSIC?

Can’t clone myself so I’m resigned to my original plans. I have tickets for the upcoming GATHERING show. The Gathering are from the Netherlands and make Toronto one of their two Canadian stops on their world tour this Thursday. They will be playing at the Big Bop. Pretty excited to see them as I’ve never caught them live. Of course if I wasn’t tied down there I’d jump on the next Latin night.

Got word that Casa de la Musica is not the only live Cuban music night this week. You can catch a double shot, this Thursday and Sunday at the Gladstone Hotel. (I’ll have to settle for just Sunday). HAVANA BANANA is billed as a Latin Jazz night with a screening of “IRAKERE” (a documentary celebrating the famous band’s 30th anniversary) followed by a live set. Thursday’s band is supposed to BLAZE!!! The trumpet of ALEXIS BARO& GUESTS. BLACK MARKET are due to play on Sunday which is great (I caught them the first night I went to Casa de la Musica). There’s no U.S. embargo holding you back. Torontonians are free to see these and other amazing musicians live this Thursday.

Whether it’s art, music or dance, don’t miss out on the what the city has to offer. Things are only heating up…Spring is on the way!!! (at least I hope so…LoL)

Happy St. Patrick’s day everyone

Saint Patrick’s Day Parades & Events in Toronto

Toronto St. Patrick’s Day Parade
March 19th 2006
This year’s parade begins at 12 noon, starting from Bloor Street West & St. George, proceeding along Bloor, down Yonge Street and finishes at Nathan Philips Square on Queen Street West.

I have never been to a parade, I feel like its going to be fun-ness. As retarded as it may sound, I am excited:p

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Everyone!!

Faker Fiver

I can’t believe it. For the first time ever, I was asked to give another five dollar bill because the one that I have gave to the cash registrar was apparently… a ‘fake.’

Or so she claimed. I found out later that the five was completely real. And if she really believed it to be fake, by law, isn’t she suppose to keep it so it can be turned into the police?

The bill was torn a little with tape over it. I’m thinking she simply just did not want it because of that reason alone.

I’m stumped, really. As I suppose I’ll never know if she was telling the truth.

Man… all this trouble. And all i wanted was my morning java.

March Break

Three more days for those with kids to enjoy the ‘Bug Bitz’ extravaganza at the Toronto Zoo. The weather forecast calls for sunny, sunny, sunny from Friday until Sunday so this is a perfect opportunity to get out there and be one with the animals. Come on… how many of you need some of that vitamin that only rays from the sun can give you?

Having said that… bundle up. Especially the little ones as it will still be on the winter-chilly side.

Boycott Red Lobster?

So I was walking along Bay St. last night minding my own buisness when I see this guy in a white mask (reminiscent of V from “V for Vendetta”) yelling into a microphone. I believe he kept repeating “Boycott Red Lobster”. This happened to be the Bay/Dundas instersection and on crossing the street I was requested to sign a petition to stop the killing of seals. Moi being in a relative hurry and in no mood to argue, proceeded to put my name down. I mean, afterall you can’t really go wrong with protesting the killing of a living creature, can you? However after some research and general discussion with friends I seem to be rethinking affiliating myself with the cause. Why? Well first I should probably give an overview of what this is all about.

According to statistics the largest commercial seal hunt since 1956 took place this spring, killing 352,953 seals (The International Fund for Animal Welfare). “This year, the Canadian government allowed about 320,000 young seals to be killed on March 29 to “ensure the health” of a booming seal population.”( Orlando Buisness Journal ) Consequently many organizations all over the world decided to pressurize Canada into ending the seal hunt. One of their main strategies is boycotting seafood completely in the hope that fishermen will leave seals alone to ensure their livelihood dependant on fish doesnt suffer. There is also a boycott planned for Canadian seafood produtcs ( ). Apparently ex-beatle Paul Mccartney happens to be a major player in the seal protection campaign as well.

Now admitted, these harp seals are super cute. All white fluff and liquid eyes. Which is why I chose not to put up an image, since it was bound to digress from the main issue at hand. A couple of questions which I think need to be reflected upon and have been brought up by various people:

– If an animal is not required for food or clothing purposes etc. then is it right to kill it?
– Every orgasim has a right to live
– Bashing seals over the head is inhumane
– Planned genocide (pertaining to animals)

Those who think it’s frivolant:
– The cute factor seems to have taken over.
– Cats and dogs are put to sleep regularly to prevent their population from getting out of hand. How is this any different? Take for example the cancellation of the bear hunt in the North of Canada a couple of years back. Now the population seems to have gotten out of control and is threatening humans.
– Overpopulation of seals would have a drastic effect on the fishery industry. The seals would end up eating the majority of fish meant for human consumption.
– Wouldn’t Paul Mccartney be better off aiding “humans” in say Africa or Somalia instead of sitting in his million dollar mansion and hugging seals?

Odds are…


The CBC decided to do some fact checking on the odds of winning the prizes in Tim Horton’s ‘Roll up the Rim to win’ promotion. Seems they found that we here in Toronto have the odds stacked against us for reasons of corporate growth. Robert Sheppard wrote that “the chain allocates a set number of prizes and winning cups – among the 248,889,000 that will be distributed in the two-month promotion – to eight distinct regions” (1) “If you live in Quebec, where Tim Hortons is battling for market share with rival Dunkin’ Donuts, your chances are even better – a one in four million shot at the SUV, versus one in eight million for B.C. and one in 11 million for southern Ontario.”

OK, in all honesty who really cares about most of this. It was just interesting to see that what we think we are being offered isn’t really what we are able to experience. I suppose the numbers rest on 2 things: Where we live in terms of the numbers of cups distributed, (as Southern Ontario has the most distributed) and where we live in terms of how Tim’s is doing. I have seen though that here at my work, all those that I have asked think that they have an equal chance of winning in Toronto as in the rest of Canada.

I remember when I worked for Rogers Video it seemed that all the big customer prizes were always won in British Columbia. We wondered if Rogers was trying to increase their customer base there as they were already firmly established in Toronto?

Thoughts and more thoughts…

Terminator – No longer fiction???

What is going on here? Fear mongering must be at an all time high. It seems people can’t get enough war on these days. More and more spending on defence so that generals can play with toy soldiers and bigger better bombs.

Terminator may not be too far away from fiction…
The U.S. is set to deploy “SWORDS” in IRAQ. SWORDS is short for Special Weapons Observation Reconnaissance Detection Systems. Basically what you have here is a remote controlled killing machine armed with a machine gun. Hmmm devilishly similar to a video game which is alluded to in the Technovelgy article.

I’m not against the military per se. Just an advocate treating others how you would like to be treated. Chest beating and extreme intervention only exacerbates a problem (creates more enemies if anything). Of course this is the downward spiral – see the U.S. Deficit at record levels and a massive erosion in the standard of living stateside. Mr. Harper are you taking notes in Afganistan or are you planning to spend into recession yourself? Hoping that Canada can take its role and better an already worsening situation rather than being left to be someone else’s “janitor” of choice and more than our share of the bill…

Busy like Business

Crazy day today at work. The markets are buzz!!! Oakville’s Zenon to be bought out by GE for C$760 million, Le Chateau looking to be bought out and the C$ is making moves after the US has posted some soft numbers (a even larger than expected current account deficit!!! – Oops time to buy EURO’s…just kidding). Definitely will be in the mood to meet up with friends for drinks tonight…

Well if I get a chance this week I’ll try and scan some pics from CASA de la MUSICA. Oh man!!! This past Sunday was so amazing. This was by far the best band line up to date. The music was soo good. Only 12 days to wait for the next one. Sooooo there…. For now I’m tied to my desk again.

Another Musical Weekend

Very happy to have yet another weekend away from work. Tonight I’m heading out to see THE WEDDING PRESENT. Whoa. They were one of my fave brit bands back in the day. Had to check them out for the first time on there 2006 tour supporting their latest effort.

Sunday I’ll definitely be back at the Gladstone. If you didn’t catch last weeks post you can see what Casa de la Musica is all about this Sunday. Food, Music and Dance cuban style…

Casa de la Musica
The Gladstone Hotel.
1214 Queen Street W. @ Dufferin.
7:00pm-10:00pm. Cvr. $10.

March 12th

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