Yamato Japanese Steak House

Yamato Japanese Steak House (Not to be confused with Yamato Japanese Steakhouse and Seafood Restaurant on Front St.)
24 Bellair St. Google Maps
Toronto, ON

Confession: I happen to hate Japanese food. Or well majority of it. Sushi is completely bland and tasteless and tempura etc. make me feel a tad quesy. So it was with major apprehension that I went to this place and only agreed because it was a collegue’s last day at work. Gist being was better than I expected. Some of the people in my group ordered Teppanyaki (~ $10) which is a Japanese version of stirfry. In this place one of the chefs comes by and makes all teppanyaki dishes in front of you. They even make the egg fried rice in front of you. Lots of green garlic butter gets utilized.

I, thinking I was doing the safe thing, ordered Oyako-Don ($12) which is “chicken, onion & shitake mushroom stewed in sake with egg, served on a bed of rice”. Mine was minus the Sake or atleast hopefully since am not quite sure the server understood. This was ordered because the chap sitting on my right reccommended it. I seem to have sidestepped the fact that he was Korean which would come to haunt me later. Halfway through the meal he informed me they put a raw egg in what I was eating. And Im not talking about eggnog kinda raw egg where the egg gets cooked in boiling milk. Im talking about just dumping a raw egg on rice. Obviously my appetite went out the window.

However again thats me. The teppanyaki looked really good and it was a fun lunch. Again am quoting lunch prices but I think these Japanese places are usually fairly ok in the evenings too. I so wanted to do the sitting on the floor thing but the owner seemed to be into low black tables.

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