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The Linux Caffe


So a Linux Caffe opened here quietly about 8 months ago. The food is awesome and the reviews are superb. Linuxcaffe is, of course, an internet caffe, and Wifi is free with any purchase.

Here are some photos of the interior and exterior.

Here’s the Google Map.

They’ve got, like, 100 different .iso images of linux/ BSD and other open source stuff. A snippet from their blog:

Yesterday, a woman came in to the caffe and, after noticing that there was a laptop available, asked if it was available in Chinese.
.. I had to guess what she was asking, as she didn’t really speak much english and my Mandarin is nonexistant.
After lots of pointing and eyebrow waggling and her saying “Chinee ? Chinee ?”, Seneca and I concluded that she wanted to know if the desktop was available in Cantonese or Mandarin. OF COURSE ! It IS ubuntu, after all !
So we installed the appropriate language packs and our Oriental surfer was off to the races. Since then we have installed French, Italian, Portugese, Spanish and Vietnamese.

Preggars and TTC

I was on jury duty all of last week and found myself, once again, using the convenience of the TTC for my daily commute.

Honestly, I’m extremely glad we have the TTC – it does make toting back and fro to the downtown district much easier.

However, coincidentally, I read an article by the Toronto Star regarding what it is like, these days, to commute via the TTC and being pregnant.

I was simply angry to learn how many people do not give up their seat when they see a pregnant woman. Even one that is near her due date and looks to be bursting at the seams. The article basically said that some pregnant women even have to race to find a seat.

Then again, I”m not completely surprised. When I was pregant a couple of years of go, I almost got knocked down the stairs by people behind me that were obviously frustrated and pissed off that they were stuck behind a waddling pregnant woman.

I was 7-8 months pregnant. Waddling and being slower is natural. It’s what pregnancy does to a woman’s body. After all, we are not only carrying a baby in us, but everything that goes with it… think about it. On average, we carry an extra 25 lbs. 7-8 lbs would be from the baby, but there is the placenta, the extra blood units, the fluids… and the natural increase of body fat.

All this, around our mid-area… our centre of gravity has completely changed.

It does, however, seem that more women are understanding of others that are pregnant. I suppose because either they’ve been through it themselves or they know one day they may very well be such a position. And it’s scary… all of the sudden, one’s natural ability to find one’s balance is thrown off. There are aches and pains in areas where we never even knew existed. And we truly feel like we are bursting at the seams.

I haven’t been a daily TTC commuter for awhile before this recent week. The last time I took it religiously was ten years ago while I was still a university student. And back then, it always seemed that any pregnant woman, senior, or those using a cane/crutches, would surely get a seat. I know I was always quick to offer my seat anytime I saw some one who needed it more.

I’m pretty disgusted that things have gone downhill in regards to general politeness and manners in the public.

And to the man who rudely almost knocked me down the stairs when I was pregnant, hopefully he’s reading this right now. As he should be ashamed for being such a jackass.


Is it me or have those Tim Horton LCD screens really redefined Chocolate Dip Doughuts(Donuts:P)?!!

I had THREE yesterday, not because I am chronic chocolate eater, but those screeens just make them look heavenly. How that divine chocolate syrup is spread all over that warm plump piece of bread(*drools*) and done so flawlessly!!

So, pop into the nearest Timmy’s just for the view and buy stuff while you are at it. Believe me, you can be broke as a stick and still eat at Timmys:D

Hails Timmy’s:P

Arrgh…Crazy Weather

Damn. Missed Julie Doiron’s Drake Hotel show. It was a “safety first” move as the thought of driving home in an ice storm on the highway was not part of my weekday plan. She’s definitely one of my favourite Canadian artists (you may have heard her voice on a track by the HIP or Gord Downey’s solo album – best album she’s done “Julie Doiron and the Wooden Stars”). Hoping to “redeem” myself with some other GTA based Can-con by going to see The Contsantines play in Hamilton tonight.

I guess I could save up my anger and frustration for the next CURSED show. Just found out they play March 4 with RAMMER!!! Oh my g….. Look out. The Reverb will not be the same!

A Kind of Blue


So I ended up going to see The Blue Man Show a couple of days ago with the wife

Definitely a good run for the money. I love the way they interact with the audience and definitely it’s something different. It’s a good show for all ages, kids and adults alike. I just wish they wouldn’t waste so much paper. It really irked me to see that.

If you’re wondering what the heck they do onstage, their website tells it the best.

Blue Man Group is a creative organization dedicated to creating exciting and innovative work in a wide variety of media.

They are perhaps best known for their successful theatrical productions which combine comedy, music and multi-media artistry to create a form of entertainment that is totally unique.

I’ve found that lately I don’t get enough time to go watch all the movies that I would like to see. I used to average about three to four movies a week last year, this year it seems like I’m doing a lot less movies, and now saving up and going to a lot more shows.

Next review coming up: David Copperfield!

Where in Toronto #13

In my search for a picture that will not be known in the course of 1 day by 1 person..I know turn to our Fire stations.

What road is this fire station on or what intersection is it near?

Hint: it does not reside East or West of the Downtown Core. (And not on the Island either)

Queen of hearts

newmindspace seems to be coming up with the most interesting stuff. Their transit parties are quite the rage and the pillow fight in November was supposedly quite hype. Their latest endaevor was the Queen of Hearts project. The aim was to paint valentine day symbols, namely hearts, along both sidewalks on Queen St. between Yonge and Bathurst. Around a 6 km stretch. Despite not hiting the target, they did manage to cover a fair amount of distance. Considering Toronto hasn’t had any rain in the past couple of days, you may still be able to catch a glimpse of the artwork over at Queens St.

There is also some related Flickr tagging underway: Queen of hearts.


Did you know that the Irish National Anthem is called Amhran na Bhfiann, or the Soldiers Song and is for sale! Or that Ralph Fiennes frequents the Ely Wine Bar in Dublin. Or if you’ve ever wondered what to do in Ireland to socialize if you don’t drink? Well, go find out already. Dublin is live, and a part of Metroblogging now!

Welcome to the club Dublin!

Rebuilding Regent Park

Phase One of this project was launched this past Monday and includes the area bounded by Parliament, Oak, Sackville and Dundas Streets. Demolition is occurring now and construction is slated to begin this summer.

What is going to go up in the place of these buildings will be “approximately 700 units of housing – market, social housing and affordable ownership, along with retail and community service space” according to a Toronto Community Housing press release. The entire project is expected to take from 10 – 12 years.

Local blogger Deb attended the opening of Phase One and has pictures up on her site.

The Mile High City

Hey guys,

Denver is on the grid and live and rocking. Go say hello to them. And if you don’t know anything about Denver, then you might wanna read this, that is if all you know about Canada is that we ride on polar bears and live in igloos.

Welcome to Metroblogging, Denver!

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