The Linux Caffe


So a Linux Caffe opened here quietly about 8 months ago. The food is awesome and the reviews are superb. Linuxcaffe is, of course, an internet caffe, and Wifi is free with any purchase.

Here are some photos of the interior and exterior.

Here’s the Google Map.

They’ve got, like, 100 different .iso images of linux/ BSD and other open source stuff. A snippet from their blog:

Yesterday, a woman came in to the caffe and, after noticing that there was a laptop available, asked if it was available in Chinese.
.. I had to guess what she was asking, as she didn’t really speak much english and my Mandarin is nonexistant.
After lots of pointing and eyebrow waggling and her saying “Chinee ? Chinee ?”, Seneca and I concluded that she wanted to know if the desktop was available in Cantonese or Mandarin. OF COURSE ! It IS ubuntu, after all !
So we installed the appropriate language packs and our Oriental surfer was off to the races. Since then we have installed French, Italian, Portugese, Spanish and Vietnamese.

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