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Boxing Day! Known for it’s over-hyped sales and packed malls.. it has been a day I generally avoid doing any shopping on. Personally, I went to my father’s house on boxing day and we noticed the 401 backed WAY up for those exiting for Yorkdale. (The mall that contains the most evil in my opinion) Cars were parked on the side of the ramp and people were streaming into this consumer haven.

However, at the smaller East York Town Centre my gf finally found the proof I needed to expose the “scam of Boxing Day.” This mall offered many discounts but has so few stores and therefore fewer customers. This I believed prompted Stitches to employ some devious tricks to get quick, final sales. My girlfriend has been looking for some cords for a little bit and noticed them there for 29.99 last month. Deciding to go on boxing day she saw a big sign on the cord rack stating: “BOXING DAY SALE! 29.99!” To compound this B.S. all sales are final, no returns of any kind and for some reason (hmm…I wonder why) all the change rooms were locked and would not be opened for this day.

I don’t care how pro-business you are this is underhanded and dirty. Then again it didn’t seem to affect their sales as people just bought anyway…but I finally found my proof. 29.99 the month before, 29.99 ON SALE TODAY ONLY! So what happens after the sale? Do they get to raise the prices to 34.99 and people lament that they didn’t purchase it on Boxing Day? “Oh no! If only….!!”

I’m sure more of you have this sort of “proof” or some few may even defend what the store is doing from the POV of “If the customer doesn’t know and doesn’t complain, too bad for them.” I myself don’t buy that argument for a minute but would still love to see your comment!

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  1. Oksir (unregistered) on December 27th, 2005 @ 3:24 pm

    Yorkdale is evil. Boxing day is the scam of the year.

  2. shy (unregistered) on December 27th, 2005 @ 5:24 pm

    i have to agree… i’m not a fan of boxing day sales. door crashers might be worth it but not fitting to my lifestyle anymore (who would want to drag a cranky, impatient toddler to any boxing day sale, door crasher or not?)

    it’s worst with cloths. it’s like… what? advertised for 50% off for all winter season stuff but in a week or two, whatever they can not get rid of goes for 75-80%.

    wait a week or so, go then, miss the mad parking lots and crowds and save yourself more. that’s the way i do it.

  3. Saira (unregistered) on December 28th, 2005 @ 9:07 am

    well it depends. I admit smaller stores have pretty much no worthwhile prices whatsoever. However was at Vaughn Mills on boxing day (I went at like 8 and stayed till around 12 when it started to get claustrophobic). Mexx had EVERYTHING for 50% off and Tommy already had 40% off and then an additional 40% at the counter. Roots had some pretty cheap stuff too. Passion, yet another store which I’ll review soon, everything for 16 bucks. So depends. Designer stuff goes on sale but otherwise nah.

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