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winter blues

Winter is depressing because its gray. Everywhere you look…the sky…the ground, its all gray! Yeah, well everyone knows that already. But, Its nicer at night when all those xmas lights are on everywhere. I love walking or driving around downtown in winter just to look at those lights around stores, the pretty little things they hang from street lights and colourful xmas decorations in shop windows. Who wouldnt like that stuff, right?
I’m not sure if they unveiled the tree at Eaton yet, but I got to see it last week when they were decorating at night…after the mall had closed. It looks great.
And then I saw the BLUE tree in the middle of yonge by st. clair i think. smack in the middle of the road. up on that little bridge whose name or purpose I still havn’t discovered. I know they put so much energy into that tree specially in this cold weather. But why did they have to make it all blue, I do not understand. It made me feel sad for no reason other than its “monotonous blue-ness”.

Burn Out


Sad to say but the last…(gasp) last BURN ROME IN A DREAM show is this Thursday November 24th at Sneaky Dee’s. If you remember B.R.I.A.D. from their “Holding Pattern” days or are just hearing about them this is definitely a great show to check out. These dudes from Toronto have played accross our land with many noteable shows. One of my faves was when they opened for Jeff Healey’s jazz band at the Toronto Jazz Festival. What style do they play…? Jazz? Rock? Punk? Math? Instrumental? All of the above or not all. This band kind of escapes genre, they are simply GOOD!

The cover for their final show is low, only $5!!! (Plus there will also be 2 other bands on the bill!) I must mention that the third and final CD (funeral CD?), will be on sale as well. A sort of bittersweet CD release but word has it that there may be some free baked goods to go with your CD purchase. Cupcakes maybe???

Cupcakes or no it will be sad to see yet another amazing local band fall to the wayside. Come dance in the ambers or check out their back catalogue at THE BLUE HOUSE…

Where in Toronto # 4

Another easy one. Click to enlarge.

Tim Hortons USA

Everyone should remember Super Size Me or the book Fast Food Nation. They came out around the same time and made big impacts (though one can argue about how long lived they were) in people’s fast food knowledge and hopefully even habits. Immediately after the success of the film McDonalds removed its Super Sized option for fries and drink but said that it had nothing to do with the movie at all.

Imagine my surprise when in New York state I found a Tim Hortons and ordered a Medium, double double and a small Hot Chocolate…and received a coffee with an ‘L’ on the lid and a Hot Choco with an ‘M’. Feeling rather stuporous, I turned to the cashier and said, “ I wanted a small and medium..” and she replied “Oh! You’re talking about Canadian sizes!”

Our small doesn’t even exist in their realm. One has to wonder about how this came about since the cups still read the “correct”, original sizes. Was it a company decision or a local one!? Starbucks in New York still offered their Tall, Grande and Venti size. (Though I do wonder what a “short” order would have made them do..)

They might not be an only Toronto establishment but Tim Horton’s is a part of our culture here as is coffee, what do you think of this mixed-up sizes message?

Recycled Fodder

“Natasha” was kind enough to send me a link to a fascinating blog she hosts about the Toronto Islands and the fictional life of three women on the Islands. Do check it out. I (think) have added it to the blog roll as well. Usually I wouldn’t condone people sending me links, but this was rather unique and well done and rather relevant to our local Metroblog. Thanks for that “Natasha”.

Toronto Ceramic Museum

Never knew that Toronto boasted a Ceramic museum. I was walking south to Queen coming down from the AGO and stumbled accross this, the temporary site. There were no collections on display so I’ll have to remember to go to the “real” location near Queens’ Park once the expansion is complete.

Founded in 1984 by Toronto philanthropist George R. Gardiner and his wife Helen, The Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art is the first museum in North America devoted to ceramics and ceramic research. The collection contains ceramics from Europe, Asia and the Americas. It also includes approximately 300 pre-Columbian artifacts, the largest and most comprehensive collection on display in Canada.
Address: 111 Queen’s Park Toronto ON M5S 2C7

Toronto is Atomic (Where in Toronto?)


Wow! The ATOMIC 7 are playing this weekend! The ATOMIC 7 are one of the side projects that spawned from THE SHADOWY MEN ON A SHADOWY PLANET. (One of Shadowy Men’s big hits was the Kid’s in the Hall Theme if you recall). Surfer Hillbilly at it’s finest. Get your groove on and your butt skakin’ down to the Cadillac Louge (1296 Queen W). Saturday Night!!!

Not sure if I can make it but it would be GREAT to see the Atomic 7 play again… Definitely one of my favourites…

Friday Night Live

One of the great singer songwriters hits the stage tonight (Friday Nov 18th). Sarah Harmer is in town to support her “I’m a Mountain” release. Catch a glipse of the magic…


Where in Toronto # 2

Where in Toronto? Leave answers in the comments. Click on the image for a larger view. It’s slightly harder than the picture of the Skywalk, but not that difficult. There’s a few giveaway hints within the image that I’m sure most people would pick up.

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