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Epic Planner Dies… Urban Planning Needs to be Reborn

Sad to hear of the death of Edmund Bacon at 95. He was truly a visionary and was very mindful to a city’s greatest asset: PEOPLE. An integral part of Philadelphia’s history he championed many causes; the revitalization of poorer neighbourhoods, the preservation of green space and public space. I was amazed and in awe how he fought for LOVE PARK even as late as this past June!

JFK plaza was close to his heart. It’s often dubbed LOVE PARK based on Robert Indiana’s Love sculpture. The park was part of Mr. Bacon’s 1932 thesis project. He felt a special kinship to everyone who used the park, even the skateboarders. Skateboarders in Philly were actually the main force behind turning the square from a dangerous drug dealing spot in the 80’s to a great place to have lunch. Skateboarders use of the “under utilized” space brought it’s life back. By the mid-90’s business people would watch locals and pro skateboarders from around the world on their lunch hour. When the mayor banned skateboarding in the city Mr. Bacon was one of many who stood up to defend them and the rights of others in park.

Mr. Bacon’s lessons should not go unlearned, especially here in Toronto. Whether it’s a public space, work environment, condo, or home… respect the people who live and share the city! The condo virus mentioned earlier on Metroblog Toronto is a perfect example of how far gone things are. What will happen to those million dollar condo’s when the Boomer’s age/die? Will they become glorified apartments?

Rock Paper Scissors

Rock Paper Scisors – remember that game from way back when we were kids during those long, boring road trips. Oh! So it was just me then?

Well who would have ever thought that the game could have earnings potential. I’m sure even the Toronto guy who won the world title for Rock Paper Scissors and $7,000 is a little surprised himself. But grinning from ear to ear and $7,000 richer nonetheless. Unbelievable! The burning question of the day is how do I get in on that action?

Door To Door Salespeople

Dear Sales Person Whom Cometh To Our Door Almost Everyday,

We live in a condinimium townhouse property. The signs at the entrance to such property states that no soliciting is allowed. This means:

No Charity.
No Selling.
Basically… not being a pest! Cause if we wanted to be bothered, we would have at least moved somewhere where the property isn’t protected.

You need to understand… this is an area where we pay maintenance fee to protect ourselves from any type of soliciting.

This would also mean that if I post a sign up on my door that THANKS those for not bothering us with any sales and charity, it’s meant to server a purpose. A purpose of not wasting time. Your time and ours.

This doesn’t mean you should still ring the doorbell. Because if you do, we will be even more enraged had the sign not been there in the first place.

This doesn’t mean you are allowed to vandelize our sign with questions like, “But you know the gas prices are going to rise?” We KNOW the gas prices are going to rise. Please… even the mere question is insulting and condescending.

This also doesn’t mean you should kick down our flower pot. That’s a distruction of private property. Last I checked, that is unlawful.

Finally, this doesn’t mean you should stand there and try to argue with me about what the word ‘soliciting’ really means because frankly, I don’t give a rat’s ass. YOU are trying to sell to ME! If this is your way of trying to make a sale, I suggest you find another career path.

Having said that, I have called security on you and I’ll continue doing so. Since that is why I pay maintenance fee.

Regards, Shy.

PS – No we’re not interested in buying gas from you. This is a condiminium smartass… we have to get our gas from one source. If you want to sell it to our area, you need to talk to management.


I’d like the Toronto Police strike to be over, please…

This week alone I have experienced angry drivers pissed off because I happen to be one of the few that still want to obey speed limits. People are pushing the limit… I’ve seen them doing over 80Km on a 60Km limit. Or over 70Km on a 50Km limit.

It’s aggravating. And I just ask… is it worth it? Is it worth driving so dangerously just so you can get somewhere just a smidge faster?

For those honking your horn and flipping the bird at others are are obeying the law… give me a break.These speedsters are the ones that’s at fault. If they want to live dangerously, they should consider others who don’t want to be at risk for an accident.

At the least, such drivers should control their tempers because there is no way they can ever prove that they are in the right.

There might not be only cops out there catching dangerous drivers… but it’s a simple thing called ‘having morals’. We all live in this city together. The efforts that everyone makes builds a greater place for all.

Only Five Weeks

Only five weeks of calm have passed since the last victim. This lovely cool monday morning we get news of another violent weekend that just finished. Subway shootings and more gun violence in the North of the city. Two more dead and three more injured.

Two people dead at Martingrove and Finch. Another at Albion Rd. and Finch. Then later, more shootings downtown outside a club by John and Richmond. So now we’re up to 65 murders, 44 by guns. A brand new record for the city. Congratulations Toronto. Oh and the cops are still on strike. What city on the planet has it’s police force go on strike? This is insane.


A sad rainy day. I was going to go out skating today too. Oh well my fitness kick will have to go indoors. I’ve been slothing behind a desk far too much this month.

Well there’s always Indoor Skatepark!!! Time to get the master cluster together and car pool it to CBMK or Shred Central.

Bamiyan Kabob

I decided I should share the love with you all.

We have an American up today to help us fix some ICT Testers in our plant and for lunch have decided to take him to Bamiyan Kabob. It’s located on the corner of Overlea Blvd and Thorncliffe Park Drive by the East York Town Centre. The meals are a tad pricier than fast food joints at about $10.00 a pop. I can’t help but crave the naan bread, generous servings of salsa (I have to ask for 2 of these to make it generous), rice, salad and a basic Chicken kabob. They do have other things here of course and are listed as being Afghani, halal.

The place is clean and inviting and well worth a visit for something slightly out of the ordinary for the meat-and-potatoes crowd without it being too odd for them.

Diving where?

Although the weather looks like it might defeat my purpose… I am supposed to be going skydiving this coming weekend! Almost 2 years back I went for my first jump with the Parachute School of Toronto about a 2 hour drive west of Toronto. Due to bad weather we were unable to jump after our training but did get a certificate allowing us free re-training and our jump whenever we came back. Now, this company has moved to Sutton, Ontario not more than an hour north of our city. A friend of mine purchased a 2nd jump for me to sort of prompt me to return! So either this weekend or sometime soon I will taking my first and possibly 2nd jump out of an airplane!

The training is serious and they don’t joke about it but it is interesting and fascinating to learn. My jumps will be ‘static line’ where you jump alone but the ‘chute is automatically pulled for you after about 6 seconds of free-fall.

If and when I get to go I will try and get as many photo’s as possible and put them up on my photoblog at some point. This has been a dream of mine for some time so I hope I do get to go soon!

ISO A-Go-Go…


Just got word of this Photo show/party thing. Should be good!

7:00 pm to midnight
The Gladstone Ballroom, 1214 Queen Street West.

with dj Will Munro, dj les eighties & dj drat
performances by Shannon Cochrane and Keith Cole

blue and red hunters?

Had a wierd encounter on the PATH yesterday. The PATH can be a confusing and treacherous route but I’m well seasoned. It’s been my cold weather avoidance and lunch escape for years. There was what looked like a band of 20 people all dressed in Blue and Red jackets. They weren’t “city maintenance” or anything but seemed to be part of some kind of scavenger hunt or something. Either that or they were some kind of colour co-ordinated tourist cluster. What ever the case I could see the potential of a scavenger game or capture the flag down there. The amazing underground race…? LoL Yeah that would be cool…

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