I’d like the Toronto Police strike to be over, please…

This week alone I have experienced angry drivers pissed off because I happen to be one of the few that still want to obey speed limits. People are pushing the limit… I’ve seen them doing over 80Km on a 60Km limit. Or over 70Km on a 50Km limit.

It’s aggravating. And I just ask… is it worth it? Is it worth driving so dangerously just so you can get somewhere just a smidge faster?

For those honking your horn and flipping the bird at others are are obeying the law… give me a break.These speedsters are the ones that’s at fault. If they want to live dangerously, they should consider others who don’t want to be at risk for an accident.

At the least, such drivers should control their tempers because there is no way they can ever prove that they are in the right.

There might not be only cops out there catching dangerous drivers… but it’s a simple thing called ‘having morals’. We all live in this city together. The efforts that everyone makes builds a greater place for all.

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