Drive Thru Means… Drive… THROUGH!

The other day, while caving and sucummbing to the evil luncheon-911 known more popularly as the Mc-drive-thru, I found myself lining up behind this woman and her passenger.

I sat there and waited. And while waiting, I watched as she opened her window to litter little bits and pieces of paper.

My pet peeve are people who litter. ESPECIALLY as she had a garbage can next to the passeger’s side of the car. How hard could it have been to ask the person sitting there to dispoase of the garbage in a more appropriate manner?

If THAT weren’t enough, after she grabbed her lunch, she proceeded forward but stopped so that I wasn’t able to pull up to the 2nd window. I waited a little thinking maybe she was just checking to see if there were any traffic coming her way. Fair enough.. it’s a busy parking lot so it’s always possible.

But then… she continued to just idle there. Chatting away with her friend and not doing much else.

So I gave a quit and short honk to let her know that she was obstrucing traffic.

She looked in her rear view mirror and then…

Continued idling that damn car of hers.

Part of me wanted to get out just so I could ask her what the hell she was doing… and in the process, pick up the litter so I could give it back to her.

However, I stopped and thought to myself, “Wait a sec… what kind of person might I be dealing with? Seriously… how insane must she be to just not care if she is blocking the traffic of said Mc D’s drive thru? And then just continue sitting there after the next customer honks at her to edge up a least a two feet?”

I decided to not do anything. I sat there and wait. Afterall, the world is filled with crazy people. I didn’t need to meet people like that anytime soon.

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