Giving Him The Tongue… Wait – that didn’t sound right…

This past weekend, while driving to my gym, I found myself at a traffic light waiting to make a right turn (my red).

Easily seen, other cars were coming along so I waited since it was not my right of way.

Then… *honk! honk!* Yeah – buddy behind me was obviously in a huge rush to get somewhere and didn’t want to wait. I guess he just wasn’t paying attention to the oncoming traffic.

Anyway, we finally both made our right turns and at the very next traffic light, I stopped to wait for a chance to make a left. As he passed by me, he gave me a really dirty look. And he was mouthing something to – of which I’m sure wasn’t exactly the nicest of things.

At that moment, I quickly decided to NOT give him the finger, but to stick my tongue out at him. You know, like when we were in grade school. With the scrunched up nose and all! Classic.

Hey… it was less offensive and hopefully, he would lighten up and get a laugh out of it.

Or think I was crazy.

Yeah – he probably thought I was crazy…

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