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Live 8 in Toronto

geldof has confirmed that live 8 will be hitting toronto as well. now the only question that remains is who’s playing and where. also the show was originally slated to have been done in ottawa, but that was changed to toronto due to concerns over security and crowd control. should be quite a hit. wondering if they can make it as big as sarsstock.

Backstreet Boys Are Back

I was making fun of my husband for owning a Spice Girl CD while I myself have two albums from The Backstreet Boys.

I’m a horrible wife.

However, in lue of the news that they are coming to Toronto on August 2nd to perform at The Molson Amphitheatre, I’m now bringing out the their tune again on my system.

Ahh… the good ol’ summer days of 1999 when I finally realized that I was probably on the older side of their fan list… but I was also at a stage in life where I didn’t care who knew what I listened to.

The true fact… they played ooye-gooey pop music… light, romantic and fun.

Anyway… more info and ticket purchase right HERE.

The Damage Wears Black

The Damage Wears Black

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The Dirtballs take over the gymnasium Monday. Good luck…

1-2-3… DODGEBALL!!!

tdot at lightspeed

tdot abstract lights

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The world is blazing by… Month End at work, Exam in two days, the best weather so far this Spring (well maybe too hot…)… In a few days I will truly be free but now…DAMN!

Good Luck Dirtballs. Hope you are triumphant at tonight’s game. I’ll be picking up my new dodgeball pics this week and will be able to throw Hi-5’s from the bench (or on the court?) next week…

Lightspeed you black emperor…the pain will end before you know what hit you

Relief at Union Station

To whom it may concern.

As I enter Union Station on a daily basis during the work week to go back and forth between work and home, as much as I hate to do so, I feel the urge to go visit the washrooms by the Go Station to relieve myself occasionally. Once relieved I also feel the need to wash my hands due to hygienic purposes with BOTH soap AND water. Whoever installed the taps in the washrooms at Union Station obviously didn’t do this after relieving themselves since it is just not possible to wash both hands while having the water on at the same time.

Now I realize the need for saving water, which is why the hands free taps have now been invented, but the old method of holding down the push button tap with one hand while rinsing (note: keyword here, rinsing, not washing) the other hand really doesn’t make for a very hygienic method of cleansing your hands. In order for me to wash, I have to hold down the tap with either a) my chin, elbow or some other body part, b)request another person fumbling the next sink over to do it for me and then I do it for him, or c) go about feeling extremely unclean. It’s even more fun when you have soapy hands and then trying to get rid of the soap on your hands.

I humbly request that this be fixed as soon as possible and pray that I may one day be able to successfully wash my hands at Union Station.

Yours Sincerely,

Abbas Halai

Summer is only 20 days away!

The metbloggers got together once more and wanted to post about their favourite hot spots in the city, where they hang out and what they do to keep busy. Read on for more information.

Run … Run …. Summer Fun!!


First of all, I’d like to apologize for my absence. I am not back on track! :)
RUNTO was such an awesome event! Sponsored by Nike, more than 10,000 participants ran 10km around the Island. We were provided with food, drinks, a dri-fit shirt, an electronic timing chip and a medal after the run. I managed to my time at 1 hour, 10 minutes and 50 seconds.

I would like to introduce all Toronto Metrobloggers and fellow Torontonians to future races and runs that will be coming up. It’s a great activity to do in the summer and so much fun! I would like to invite everyone for the next race that is on June 16, 2005 known as the Bay Street Rat Race. It is a run for United Way and here is the link for more details ..

Hope to see you there!

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